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  1. I tried this and I got the issue when running in 1900 x 1200 but changed to 1440 x 900 and tried again and the ok box is just visable and clickable at the bottom of the screen.
  2. yep the weight of 2 handed weapons is still double after every misson. It is cleared on game load though, and cleared if you change anything in inventory but if you go from one mission to base then to next mission you start with a 2 handed weapon in each hand or something and have reduced ap.
  3. Numpty

    Build V9.2 Released!

    yay a definite step back in the right direction I actually made it to the end of a ground cobat without crashing for the first time since V8.2 great to see.
  4. Numpty

    Where is build V9.1?

    Are you sure that wasnt a drunken Saturday night thing there?