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  1. Thanks for the report and save game. We'll get this fixed.
  2. Thanks for the report and save game. We'll get this fixed.
  3. Thanks for the report and save game. We'll get this fixed.
  4. Thanks for the report and save game. We'll get this fixed.
  5. Thanks for the report and save game. We'll get this fixed.
  6. Yeah, this has already been reported but I appreciate the report anyway. We'll get this fixed.
  7. Thanks. Yes, as others have said the game does have a memory leak. It should actually be fixed in the next major update (V28) though, as we've finally managed to locate it. In the meantime just saving the game and restarting it will clear the memory usage, and you should probably do that every couple of hours!
  8. Hey - thanks for the post, glad you're enjoying it so far! I don't even want to think about Xenonauts 3 until I've finished Xenonauts 2 and had a long lie down
  9. Thanks for this report. We're going to fix it in a future build by preventing you reviving a soldier if you're stood on top of them, as this also solves some other related issues too,
  10. This is the fourth hotfix for V27, and hopefully the last. It's just a small set of fixes that do not break save games. Changelog: Fixed a crash that occurs when you complete the X-55 Phantom research project. Fixed a crash that occurs when you reveal the Cleaner Base mission. Fixed a crash that could corrupt save games if you gib a unit with grenades. Soldiers now gain Reflexes at the correct rate; there was a bug where they were gaining it very slowly.
  11. Hmmm, okay. Yeah, someone else mentioned that in a previous version too. I can't reproduce that from the save you sent over though, so if you see it happen again just post up the save from the end of the previous turn and I'll take a look!
  12. Thanks. The save game is all I needed to check what was happening, it's fine. I looked into it for a bit and it was just a multiplier being set wrong. I'll include the fix in the next hotfix.
  13. Yeah, but if you load a save game then the game will always play out exactly the same way each time. So if you send me the save from the turn before it happens, every time I load it the shot will always hit the alien and kill them. I've tried reproducing it based on your description and I can't (probably because there's only a small chance of it happening). For me the shots always just kill the soldier.
  14. If they get suppressed during that turn, their TU should fall to zero, and then the next turn they have 50% of their normal TU. It looks like that unit was suppressed during your turn, so started the alien turn with 50% normal TU?
  15. So the actual problem here is that your soldier has -3 Time Units. If he had 0 TU, which should be the minimum any soldier can have, he would be able to drop items perfectly fine. Do you remember how you manged to get him to have negative Time Units? I can't seem to get that to happen even if I load a soldier up with loads of items. EDIT - oh, it's fine. You can just do it on the strategy layer.
  16. Thanks. That's a really weird bug. Do you still have the save from the end of the turn before? It'd be great to be able to reproduce it.
  17. The bug is just that one of the research pop-ups that is triggered by revealing the Cleaner HQ has an error in it. So I'm pretty sure it's the same bug, you both found different ways of causing it
  18. Thanks. Yeah, good point. We'll take a look at this.
  19. Hmm. Strangely, if I load that save, that desk isn't glowing for me. Also - you've interacted with all of the desks and captured all the USB sticks, correct? In which case the 20/10 display is intended.
  20. Thanks. This isn't a bug - the alien only has 50% of its normal TU, but it's armed with a pistol so it can still move a few tiles and fire a shot because pistols have low TU costs.
  21. Have you had different results on other missions? The Reflexes progression being low is strange, because that's gained by leaving TU unspent at the end of the player's turn. Were you firing with those soldiers during their turn, or always leaving all their TU for the end of the turn?
  22. Thanks. This is the same crash bug we've been having previously with the item destruction that I thought we'd fixed. Guess it didn't actually get fixed after all. We'll take another look.
  23. Thanks. Yes, this will be fixed in the hotfix I'm putting out today.
  24. Interesting. I thought removing damage from the weapon would stop this. We'll take another look and get it fixed properly then.
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