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  1. IMPORTANT to use this mod u have to delete any reference to the new buildigs from reserch and building.xlm to avoid the black tile bug during the attack base missions. u should fix the statistics of the improved lasers too, because them are the same of the ballistic ones
  2. in any war there are traitors taking the size the enemy.. i'd like missions like "strike pro-alien terrorist group" or "destroy black-market operation", killing mission of quislings etc. Even "Human's terror missions" to try to regain control of country u have lost... or just hit hard those ones who are thinking about it (such killing of persons of influence or destroy strategic targets). it would give a lil more variety
  3. made a few change to building.xlm and gameconfig, to fit the values of Building and salaries overhaul (this nice mod is unusable cause it seem causing annoying bug during base defense missions) whose, in my opinion, work better and are more lore friendly of course.. keep a backup of the original file. gameconfig.xml buildings.xml
  4. Zaramorte

    gatling lazer same stats as auto-cannon!

    u could change the value in aircraftweapons.xlm (don't abuse it )
  5. installed the mod and started a new game... and the starting acw were missing from the xenopaedia edit. solved by deleting %HOMEPATH%\AppData\Roaming\Goldhawk Interactive\Xenonauts\internal
  6. as title, when my base is under attack hangars, barraks etc. are not there (their doors open on black tiles), even those ones i have not rotated