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    An accurate release date?

    Well I Bought X1 just recently not realizing what a fun game it was, even though I knew X2 was being made. I just go around modding X1 to my tastes, but the forum over there is dead with no responses which is a shame, as new modders like myself could use the help. I have a problem with adding a new Xeno to replace the Reaper, The Reaper worked but using the same files the Alpha reaper was invisible. I made a post in the other thread but 15 views and not one reply. :-( where is Kabill and the other when we need them!)
  2. Hello, I added new alien sprites based of the movie aliens for my own personal game. It was in the Darkness mod. I added them to the Reaper and had to add a few other renamed Crouching files since my game seemed to want them to prevent them being invisible. Now the kicker for me is the Alpha Reaper wont work. All the files I copied in there, I am using the same ones for the regular reaper, and I changed the spectre file to point to the correct folder, but the Alpha units and now invisible? Nothing I can do changes it, I tried adding the files and spectre file to XCE folder but same thing. Am I missing something or do I need a hacked .exe? I noticed the mod I used the sprites from have its own .exe The other issue is the Combat maps, I have edited the missiontypeprops_gc.xml to add more defenders and civilians to my game, but in the maps there is nowhere near the number I entered, the modding section says this is the file to edit, but its not working, does the map itself need editing to do this? Crash sites for example only have 1 friendly and 2 Civilian Thanks in advance.
  3. Well what about something else, the Base location causing recruitment from that area? So a base in Africa gets more Africans and USSR more Russians? Its kinda pooled as it is now. I know this game was original more micromanaged with ammo costs etc. The changes I suggest are more for immersion that actual function. Also not everyone ditches the Ballistics, In my game I stay with them for a long time to the added challenge, I always felt the change to higher tech happens too fast, In real life you can get tech that fast even for a game. Eureka, I was not trying to make a political statement, Just a fact that the Nations have not united in much while there is peace, Covid is prime example that nations are looking out for themselves, which is Exactly what would happen in 1979 between the world powers. Some examples of not researching enough on the game, was weapons, The m-60, 1911A1, AND m-26 Grenade would all be in use at that time. My M9, M247 would not be used till the Mid 80's the MK2 grenade was phased out after Korea. There could have been ballistic upgrades, like Alenium Bullets that make them more effective. Large capacity magazines, and less TU for Burst fire. I feel Ballistic is just a filler, there should be more use of conventional weapons before turning into Startrek.
  4. wow I am surprised that the activity is so low here, I noticed not a lot of activity on the X2 forums either. Everyone must be somewhere else.
  5. Hello, I have made a Darker Blue Sprite for both Basic and Jackal units. There is no black outline problem with them, they will look just like the original only with a darker blue like Xenonauts . I was wondering if other mods or people here would want such a resource and have any suggestions for other colors they may like to see? Making different uniforms can be used for a host of other things besides the Xenonauts themselves. Anyway, its something I am able to do if it helps some other enjoy their game more. Lt1956
  6. The 3 main powers would never work together even on an alien invasion. Only over time would they start to as things got worse. My point was making it different in the beginning and then showing them unit after time fighting the UFO's. it would add immersion. Everyone holding hands at the start is a pipe dream, just look at the UN to see how well that went. lol
  7. I adjusted the master png files to fix an odd issue where the sprites had a black outline, someone mentioned it on another sprite mod, to get around this I used ImageReady to clean the image and then used the Batch in Adobe to do the color change, as you can see there is no difference in the quality of the original and these, just the color. I probably could make some Gray Starship trooper basics, since the other mod only did the Jackal units. I could make any color in theory depending on what someone would want?
  8. hello, I wanted to know if its possible or do you think its a good idea to have the ballistic weapons and armor be based off the area the base is located. Example North and South America being American Weapons and Armor Europe, Australia, Africa being European Weapons and Armor USSR, IndoChina, MiddleEast being Soviet Weapons and Armor I think this could really add to the feel that region dictates the basic supply type. Of course later when alien Tech is available all the armor and weapons would be the same, but I doubt during the cold war that the USSR, US or Europe would agree on the above.
  9. lt1956

    Crew Capacity of Dropships

    Yes I only 16 slots are supported by the game, Hard coded. But I DID GET TO WORK 20 unit with the shrike, but they showed up with the same numbers or nothing showing in the drop ship but in game they were there.
  10. lt1956

    XenoSAS - a WW2 mod resource/idea

    Those are very nice units.
  11. Hello, I am making a military green uniform mod for my game. I have edited all the Graphics needed, Both Basic and Jackal armor sprites, I also modded the Uniforms for faces and even modded the Hunter and the small tank. I know someone made a similar mod a while back, but there were a couple things wrong with it. 1. He only did the sprites 2. They were made a little too yellow not the 1970;s Olive Drab that was used at the time. 3. Also there is a small issue with the PNG files where there is a black outline around the soldiers. I was able to get around this and clean the original Files, which I will gladly upload for others to make there own Color schemes. I also added an M60 instead of the M247 since this is 1979 the equipment wasn't used till the 80's. Anyway If anyone is interested I don't mind posting, it will be a resource mod, so you have to choose what you want. But it will be structured for easy copy. On the Images for the armor I included OD color for Both the standard Jackal, Starship Troopers, and Sleezys Armor. I also have 2 Basic Armor Images and matching Xenopedia images. I tried to cover everything for people who want a more authentic feel for 1979. I also have the m-26 lemon shaped Grenade and Colt 45. All which were used at the time. Lt1956 There is a picture to show the color choice I made.