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  1. Ohh Snap looks whos back! I been reading the Bugs section and it looks like this game is still suffering from serious bug issues. I was wondering what the NEW players think of the game and which bug is the one that has broken the game for them if any? Can you go through the entire game yet, or its not complete yet? Thanks inadvance. Please rate the game from a 0-10. I wanna get an idea of where the game is from NEW players. Thanks.
  2. You right thats why I havent purchased the game! Also when you Pre-order your CC is not charged until the game releases. Is that the case here? I'm here because its a forum for posting! I live in a free country I dont know about you! Ohh but its not unrealistic to announced a beta for June 2012. To get them peeps that were going to purchase the Firaxis XCOM remake. Marketing 101! Also a release date for a game you want to charge for its kind of a big deal! How does a buggy game that crashes and has so many issues excatly take the edge off? Proof can be found on this forum just a couple of threads away! So because no one mentions it, Im not allowed to either? No game is perfect even at Vanilla level! There will be bugs! LOL.. well I do remember a time when companies had to pay for Alpha tester. Now it seems like they found their minions to do the work for free and pay the company. There are people that make money for testing games! Not when communities like these are willing to give their labor for the love of the game. Why not get paid thats all I'm saying or atleast not taking jobs away from those tester who have the skill required to give back professional feed back! If the Dev team had some true in house testers we will be much closer to a release and probably have a set date. Imagine that! Although I will agree that alot of final releases are not done. Multiply those pennies and we are talking about serious money. WarZ perfect example - Sergey has made well over 10 Million to date. How much has Chris made to date? Yes I forget I have to go with what everyone else is doing.. Sorry! You sound pretty sure of your self. Are you a Dev? Cause if your not then its just your opinion not a fact and neither can a Dev make that promise. We will see when its done sometime in the near/far etc future. Hopefully! Again, There are people that make their living testing in house! Instead of the backwards ways it seems to work today. Test my game and pay me for it..LOL (I know its for the love of the game ) If you read it I mentioned how pissed I would be if I HAD PURCHASED the alpha and had to hear remarks like those about why I was promised something and was not delivered. Im glad very glad I have not purchased this alpha! I know its hard for Fandboys to look at this for what it is. A money making machine! So when you want to make money there should be tough questions about the product you are want to sell the public!
  3. So basically there is no date for release! I want to play this (full) game really bad. What I dislike about the process is the lack of any true endiding. I'm different then you guys and you guys want to help the dev team which is great. If this was a free game sure take as long as you need but the main reason I dont purchase Alpha titles It's because Its not a finished product. It seems like all these indie game companies want to charge money and then you become testers. It's also fair to say the Dev team has also been deceiving about released dates. I dont like that I will speak against it. If it takes this Dev team 10 years to finish then thats when they can get my money. I would also be really mad if I was told a Beta was going to released around the same time as XCOM remake and I purchased the game only to still be in alpha 6+ months later. Im unapologetic on my post and most people can't handle that "too bad". Its not about the money either the Dev team can charge me $100.00 for their finished product and I would pay that much. Just dont charge me for something thats not complete or has any finish line. Let's face it this dev team was to shut down their site and game progress tomorrow and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Kickstarter is another good way of taking the money and run - There are tons of horror stories about it. PS - I havent insulted anyone in this post so please give me the same respect I'm giving you guys. djlogue its not naive its Native I would be flipping my shit If I purchased the alpha and had answers like the ones djlogue was giving me right now. Paying customer having to deal with remarks like that. Makes me proud of waiting!
  4. Why would I purchase a game that's not complete? I can see the youtube vidoes of the game I dont need to play it to typo on my last post V17.5 It looks like V17.52 fixed the clipping , but there are still too many bugs/game crashes (reported on this forum) to make my gaming experience anything worth paying yet. If I waited this long whats another 12 months right? When is Beta going to be released? When is the full game going to be released?
  5. Hey thothkins Glad to see your still around. I only say a year because Beta should have been released back in June of 2012 if I recall. I remember chris posting that a beta would be released around the same time as the XCOM remake by Firaxis. If its taking this long for beta I think I should be back in more than a year. I was watching Youtube vidoes of lets play Xenonauts (alpha)v1.75 and its still very incomplete.
  6. LOL I figured Gorlom would be trolling. Thank god I put him on my ignore list way back! Nothing changes!
  7. I cant belive Beta has not been released Im glad I didnt purchase the game. I came in here thinking I could finally purchase a full game. I guess I'll be back in 1 year! GL
  8. Yes this is it! Thanks guys Its shame they made them shut it down even though they were making it for free! I'll check it out and see what its all about!
  9. Does any one recall an X-com remake 1:1 that was just recently cancelled! I saw the website a little while back and now I can freaking the remember the name? unless they took ddown the site. They were re-skinning EU with up to date graphics!
  10. Jean-Luc...LMFAO I didnt expect them to start shooting at each other. Must admit pretty good aim considering their laser blasters are on their chest. Best video ever! Thats one battle where you want to be killed instantly. Instead of floating into the infinite blackness until you either starve to death or bleed to death.
  11. Watching some of the old X-com videos, freaking MUTONS have like 100000% reaction points. Jesus its so funny! you step out and automatically get shot from these bastards! Winterwolves - There are no stupid post, just stupid people who post them. But there are sarcastic answers from sarcastic pricks answering the post. Unfortunately I'm only 1 sarcastic prick!
  12. I never played the After Math games! they look really bad! I do have UFO extraterrestrials but its not the same at all. I cant play the originals anymore. 2K/Firaxis better freaking release a remake HD of the original. I dont think I will be purchasing their new game. This game is the only one in my cross hairs, but I dont want to play an alpha I want to play a complete game so I will be patient!
  13. We could drown it with everyone on board!
  14. Licker? Do you mean does he feel you like "sexually"
  15. This is what I feared! The more I read about their X-Com remake the less I like their game. How are you just going to take AP points away. I see that as the core concept for this game. Also the Game will follow a semi-linear path which Im not thrilled about either! The Open X-com looks promising but it still has the same face. The 1:1 remake I speak of would keep the core concept and mechanics of the game intact just chaging the graphics thats all so my eyes dont hurt when I look at it? Just make it look pretty like Xenonauts does but keep the same art style. Ok Off to watch Champions league! Bayern vs Madrid and tomorrow Barcelona vs Chelsea 2 epic games - Then on Saturday Barcelona vs Madrid for La Liga! Epic week for futbol