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    Questions about Vehicles

    in addition to having longer sight ranges than your troopers, a good use of them is to soak up reaction fire from entrenched aliens. just move your tank towards the aliens, and let them use their reaction fire on it. then you can safely rush them with your troopers. especially useful on the last mission. I tend to like the gunner tanks instead of the rockets, as the gunners have more ammo, and they can still destroy walls and such, and don't annihilate alien loot. Rail gun tanks are amazing.
  2. Ichthyic

    question on reapers

    use stun gas. if it doesn't stun them as they try to run through it, it will cause them to pause and use extra AP, very much slowing their approach. or they will try to go around it, giving you way more opportunities for reflex fire. very very useful. especially forcing them to take longer paths. will save your butt doing late game base runs or battleships that have reapers. essentially, use it like a minefield, anticipate which direction they will come at you from, and toss it in the predicted path. bonus: also works as "smoke" to block LOS on your troopers, if there are more than reapers you are dealing with. slight negative, in that it also will make it slightly harder to score reflex shots through it for your guys as well.
  3. the only reason to put it off is if you have something more important to research first. It doesn't trigger anything to research it as soon as you get it (doesn't speed up invasion or anything).
  4. Ichthyic

    Operation Endgame Reapers Question

    sorry to necro this thread, but it still shows up as relevant in google so... Having just done 50 rounds of killing reapers at the end... 1. It is endless. each turn 4-6 reapers will spawn as a group and move up the main corridor. 2. your ammo ALSO respawns. wish I had known this going in. you need to have two weapons. swap back and forth as each runs low on ammo. every 3 (?) turns, the one in your backpack will refill with ammo. sweet huh? basically, if you plan right, you can kill reapers endlessly. 3. a tank is useful for increased spotting distance, if nothing else. set your guys up in the room before the Head Praetor, but facing back the way you came. you don't need to worry about dodging bullets, so set yourself up with the best lines of fire back down through the corridor. don't park yourself closer than the first cover boxes. snipers REALLY shine here, especially if they have decent reflexes. shotguns are useful too, as the reapers will sometimes manage to make it past your big guns. 4. reapers understand EXACTLY what your line of sight is, and will work to keep themselves just out of it if they can, by ducking behind corners, etc, so they have the shortest run possible to your nearest trooper, without anyone having a clear LOS on them. 5. a couple of troopers with rockets to swap in is helpful. during your turn, run a unit with sentinel armor up the corridor a ways, and use it as a spotter to see if there are any reapers clustered in a spot. sometimes you can nail 5 at once. 6. if you are waiting for ammo to refresh, use your grenades. again, use a spotter up front, and if you see a cluster, toss a grenade in there. 7. if you are in dire straights ammo wise for several units, tossing a stun gas grenade in the corridor entrance will really slow down the reapers. be warned though, it is "smoke" so will make your own units more likely to miss their reflex shots. 8. I stopped at 300 reapers dead. took me about 2 hours. it's really only fun for the first 20 mins or so. I think a good goal is to try and get up to the first "batch number" which is 106. that should be all the aliens you killed before the reapers, and about 12-15 rounds of reapers after that. your score actually depends on how close you get to killing all of a "batch", so say you killed 280... well the next "batch" ends at 317, so you would still only get rated as "good". OTOH, if you got 106/106, you would get the excellent score, even though you actually killed far fewer reapers. shorter: don't worry if it says you only did "good". 9. if your are playing the XCE version, reapers will kill tanks in one or two hits, so keep that in mind.
  5. Ichthyic

    [X:CE 0.33 HF1] Grenades through walls

    can confirm, this is still a thing in the latest build, though grenades only land on the "inside" tile about half the time.
  6. using XCE 034.3 with latest mod updates. the mod package includes the mod: Furies, Terror, and Dreadnoughts Oh My with this mod enabled I was unable to ever research the Fury aircraft, even with all the prerequisites listed in the researches.xml file for that mod, and even having researched singularity generators. it is supposed to make the Fury researchable after having finished marauder, anitgrav generator, alien reactor, and the corsair. but in fact, the fury never becomes researchable. I have no other mods enabled other than the ones that came with the "official" modpack associated with XCE. It is loaded last in the order. if I try to deactivate the mod, no savegame made with it enabled will load; you get a CTD. something is wrong with this mod, and even having checked the xml, I can't figure out exactly what it is.
  7. I've had good luck with this so far, but cannot for the life of me figure out how to breach roof tiles on the battleship. I'm even using the xenopedia assault map as a guide, but most of the time, the destroyable roof tiles do not highlight, and even if I place a charge in the area marked by the assault maps, I get no tiles destroyed. since they don't highlight properly, does someone have a screenshot of *exactly* where to place a charge for battleship roof entry? oh, also, i can see the highlight tile for the next deck down (again, roof access but next level down) but again, the charge does not breach the roof.
  8. I'm using this on top of the latest version of XCE (0.34.3), and made the modifications to the gameconfig.xml file as you suggested for compatibility (though it's just about reactor damage). what I am seeing is that everything appears to be working right, but I get a LOT of animation stuttering on maps using this. whenever anything moves, it stutters. even civilians stutter while they are crouching in fear. any idea why? no doubt it is this mod, as I never saw this behavior before I installed it. edit: false alarm. turns out it WAS just the specific map causing problems, I just happened to get it twice in a row. other maps are not showing this stuttering behavior, with or without your mod. edit2: actually, it's a combination of map type, and the number of troopers you bring wearing sentinel armor. the complicated LOS on some maps gets really intensive to calculate when you have 10 guys all running around with 360 vision. If I keep the number of sentinel armors on a map to around 4 or 5, the problem is noticeably less. had nothing to do with this mod at all, just to be clear.
  9. I don't see any workaround at this link, and like many others, I am stuck with the "black roof" effect on a mission with a cruiser wreck. perhaps it was supposed to be a different link?
  10. Ichthyic

    XCE ridiculously hard now

    ...like I said. oh, also? the stupidly powerful alien weapons now make things like shields useless, because they get taken out in a single hit. *sigh* I guess I will have to go through and find the dumb mod edits, and tweak them back to something sane again.
  11. I've been playing xenonauts for about seven(?) years now, was thinking it was time for a change, and so tried the latest xce build. uh... NONCOMS can hit you for 75-85 points of damage. any alien with a plasma rifle can, and will often, hit you for 75-85 damage per projectile, on a burst. accuracy is sky high, they seem to be able to shoot across the entire map with great accuracy, and even through half cover as if it isn't there. I'm sorry, but this is insanely ridiculous, basically, you have to forgo trying to set up ambushes, because inevitably at least one of your team WILL die if the alien shooting has at least a plasma rifle. too much reloading after I find out where the aliens are. it's the only way; I have to find them, reload, then go back with multiple units to take them out. the direction this is taking is too much towards aliens being stupidly overpowered, and that was just on veteran! not fun any more.
  12. 1. The medal you get for killing 10 aliens shows +2 bravery instead of +1 on the description, though it still grants the proper +1 bravery. The description when you hit 20 and 30 is correct. 2. Crux Solaris: Awarded for successful capture of a live alien command unit. This is no longer working. None of my guys who have beaten alien leaders (when capturing for the first time) senseless with stun batons have gotten this medal. Also does not work with stun grenades (tested). Edit: Seems it only works with leaders found on large craft and up for some reason. It did not work on leaders found in bases, or officers/leaders found on medium craft. this is version 1.59 vanilla.
  13. I've found a useful strategy for the 3-base method is to make your first base balanced, with 2 research labs and 2 workshops, which need populating ASAP, and 5 hangers, which gives you *just* enough air power (often need to double-up with condor attacks). my second base has 6 hangers and 3 research labs (populate 1 of them in october, another in november, and another in January) and no workshops at all. the 3rd base has again 6 hangars, but now has 4 workshops instead of research labs. populate those workshops 2 in december, and 2 in january, and your production will skyrocket. make your interceptors at the workshop base, and your weapons/armor at your first base. rotate out older interceptors back to your manufacturing base, then retire them as you run out of room. also, start your base building so that it finishes the 1st day of the next month, then you don't pay upkeep on the base. same with any structures you don't need immediately; start building them so they finish after the end of the month. Corsairs are much much better than foxtrots, wrt firepower, so with a bit of effort, you can start to assemble your fleet of corsairs in December, and replace most of your airforce by mid January or so; don't build more than one foxtrot per base. I use them mostly as fast decoys while using condors to actually attack. once you get corsairs though, one corsair easily outdoes both a condor and a foxtrot together. lastly, don't forget you can send out interceptors on "patrol" to areas not covered by your radar. look for messages on the global map about alien attacks, and if not out of range, try sending an interceptor or two out to the area to scout for aliens. Great way to prevent bombing runs before you have good radar coverage.
  14. that's the Lore+ addon. I know, because I just saw it happen in my most recent game, less than an hour before posting this! You get a message in late december about your lab assistant absconding with tech and notes.