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    training center

    nevermind. I'm totally wasting my time here. I forgot. I keep coming back here every few years, and realizing nothing ever changes here. it's an odd little world. good luck with it.
  2. you really think there's nothing missing? interesting. yeah, you guys have totally lost touch. good luck. I wash my hands.
  3. not the point at all. if you don't have a place to post how your new features work, nobody will gain interest in this game. have you NOT SEEN how interest is dying on Steam and Gog? I actually read the forums, watch the videos and read the comments... if you ignore everybody but your beta testers, this game will fail. That i can guarantee, and this is coming from someone who was in game development themselves back in the 90s. Hell, it's probably already too late. 3 years of private beta? yeah, that just reeks of failure. I spent many hours playing the original, testing betas for it and this, and I'm telling you, this game is about to disappear from people's consciousness. so little effort could be made just to keep communicating the ideas and features that are being worked on, snipets of this that and the other... keep people interested. but there simply is none of it. anywhere. do you understand this? If not, just ignore.
  4. Ichthyic

    training center

    at last! a voice! can you tell me if there is a way to transfer soldiers/items between bases? It doesn't seem to work like it used to, and I don't see any new way of accomplishing this.
  5. " Don't you love it when people say Panzer tank? What they are really saying is tank tank! " that's not entirely accurate, since "Panzer" in and of itself refers to an animal, not a tank. so without common reference, it isn't redundant at all to add the context to the expression, as in: Panzer tank.
  6. whatever is decided, I have to say... even a child is very very unlikely to literally toss a grenade at their own feet. yet here... it's actually quite common. get rid of that by giving grenades a minimum landing range. meaning, you can't target your own feet, but there is also no way a grenade you toss can land on your own feet. it's just stupid otherwise. makes me want to mod everything that can launch a grenade to have double the accuracy it actually does, which is not something I want to do.
  7. I almost forgot... I have scanned youtube of people playing this beta and the comments, and the singular, most often repeated comment is: "Please replace the sound effect used for selection. That high pitched clicking noise is extremely irritating." so... yeah, there's that.
  8. Ichthyic

    Why do we need vehicles?

    vehicles also act as great emergency unit fill-ins when you get your base attacked. they have saved my butt on numerous occasions when I have had my ace combat units on a mission elsewhere.
  9. How does this work? is it automatic? what exactly does it do now? I have not revisited the beta build for a long time, and see there are new things and features now... but nowhere is there any description of how they work. it's quite frustrating.
  10. This is all great information. Is there someplace, ANYPLACE, either in the game or on these forums, where there is easy access to a summary and usage of all the features associated with Xeno 2? because if there is, I sure as hell can't find it. I actually bookmarked this post, because it was the only thing that gave me a clue that you could move scientists and engineers around, and I still have no idea how to move them back except to remove ALL scientists or engineers entirely, then add them back, which by default puts them back into research/manufacturing. So for example... how DOES one go about moving a scientist from the medical bay back to a lab? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, I am begging you... put the information in a sticky somewhere as to how these features work!!!
  11. Ichthyic

    Questions about Vehicles

    in addition to having longer sight ranges than your troopers, a good use of them is to soak up reaction fire from entrenched aliens. just move your tank towards the aliens, and let them use their reaction fire on it. then you can safely rush them with your troopers. especially useful on the last mission. I tend to like the gunner tanks instead of the rockets, as the gunners have more ammo, and they can still destroy walls and such, and don't annihilate alien loot. Rail gun tanks are amazing.
  12. Ichthyic

    question on reapers

    use stun gas. if it doesn't stun them as they try to run through it, it will cause them to pause and use extra AP, very much slowing their approach. or they will try to go around it, giving you way more opportunities for reflex fire. very very useful. especially forcing them to take longer paths. will save your butt doing late game base runs or battleships that have reapers. essentially, use it like a minefield, anticipate which direction they will come at you from, and toss it in the predicted path. bonus: also works as "smoke" to block LOS on your troopers, if there are more than reapers you are dealing with. slight negative, in that it also will make it slightly harder to score reflex shots through it for your guys as well.
  13. the only reason to put it off is if you have something more important to research first. It doesn't trigger anything to research it as soon as you get it (doesn't speed up invasion or anything).
  14. Ichthyic

    Operation Endgame Reapers Question

    sorry to necro this thread, but it still shows up as relevant in google so... Having just done 50 rounds of killing reapers at the end... 1. It is endless. each turn 4-6 reapers will spawn as a group and move up the main corridor. 2. your ammo ALSO respawns. wish I had known this going in. you need to have two weapons. swap back and forth as each runs low on ammo. every 3 (?) turns, the one in your backpack will refill with ammo. sweet huh? basically, if you plan right, you can kill reapers endlessly. 3. a tank is useful for increased spotting distance, if nothing else. set your guys up in the room before the Head Praetor, but facing back the way you came. you don't need to worry about dodging bullets, so set yourself up with the best lines of fire back down through the corridor. don't park yourself closer than the first cover boxes. snipers REALLY shine here, especially if they have decent reflexes. shotguns are useful too, as the reapers will sometimes manage to make it past your big guns. 4. reapers understand EXACTLY what your line of sight is, and will work to keep themselves just out of it if they can, by ducking behind corners, etc, so they have the shortest run possible to your nearest trooper, without anyone having a clear LOS on them. 5. a couple of troopers with rockets to swap in is helpful. during your turn, run a unit with sentinel armor up the corridor a ways, and use it as a spotter to see if there are any reapers clustered in a spot. sometimes you can nail 5 at once. 6. if you are waiting for ammo to refresh, use your grenades. again, use a spotter up front, and if you see a cluster, toss a grenade in there. 7. if you are in dire straights ammo wise for several units, tossing a stun gas grenade in the corridor entrance will really slow down the reapers. be warned though, it is "smoke" so will make your own units more likely to miss their reflex shots. 8. I stopped at 300 reapers dead. took me about 2 hours. it's really only fun for the first 20 mins or so. I think a good goal is to try and get up to the first "batch number" which is 106. that should be all the aliens you killed before the reapers, and about 12-15 rounds of reapers after that. your score actually depends on how close you get to killing all of a "batch", so say you killed 280... well the next "batch" ends at 317, so you would still only get rated as "good". OTOH, if you got 106/106, you would get the excellent score, even though you actually killed far fewer reapers. shorter: don't worry if it says you only did "good". 9. if your are playing the XCE version, reapers will kill tanks in one or two hits, so keep that in mind.
  15. Ichthyic

    [X:CE 0.33 HF1] Grenades through walls

    can confirm, this is still a thing in the latest build, though grenades only land on the "inside" tile about half the time.