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  1. Hey ! I have a weird problem with the Division Rifle (both Mk-I and Mk-II) where I can't see the stats. The tooltip in the soldier equipement menu only shows the name of the weapon, and the Xenopedia entry is incomplete. Not that I would trust the Xenopedia entries for infantry weapon until 1.0, right now most seem incomplete or wrong. Also, does interrogating later specialists give the tech from earlier ones? I have all the Caesians but Sebillians are somewhat harder to come by.
  2. If they didn't change from 0.98, the smaller xenomorph hate being in sight. You can litterally stare them down if they don't have the TU to kill you this turn, and keeping 360° vision around your squad will limit attacks. Of course, that's less applicable in terror mission where they have backup. Also, the large ones are hell.
  3. I did a fast forward to look at what tech tree had in reserve. Doing basically nothing from 12 September to 1 December (when I lost), I've seen one base assault and two terror attacks. On the other hand, I had about eight air terror missions, and boy were those painful. The Bomber Corvette doesn't joke.
  4. Hi Drages and Charon, thanks for the mod. I'm not very deep into the mod (half-september, basically nothing) but I still have a couple remarks. The Flamethrower appears to be bugged and make the soldier's model disappear when equipped. Putting it into the backpack fixes the problem, until the flamer goes back to the soldier's hands. That's actually how I lost my first soldier, I couldn't see him so I left him near the alien door during a C4-assisted breach... By the way, the Flamethrower looks VERY weak to me. The range and weight are already bad but the TU cost kills it. At 75% TU per burst, I don't care if it's the only way to one-shot Xenomorphs or not. I'm going to deal with these horrors the old fashioned way (glass the general area with incendiaries and sniper fire). The early aliens appear to be very passive. Non-combattants run around and pretty much don't shoot at all. Guards are a tad more aggressive but still pretty far on the cautious side. I don't particularly mind the UFO doors being welded shut though. Sure, it's makes breaches much easier than Vanilla but breaching was hell in Vanilla (especially with Fire in the Hole). Love the civilians. It actually feels like I'm defending an inhabited planet now. I'm not positive that I'll love them as much once I hit my first Reaper-enhanced Terror Mission though. From the few bits I've seen, the air game is incredibly punishing. The two starting condors can barely keep their shit together against a Light Scout. For the rest, well, I've lost four condors in two weeks. One pair against a Fighter (I should have won but I massively screwed up the manual engagement), and one pair against a Scout (no error here, they stood no chance from the very start). This isn't a problem because the Scouts seem to love landing (keeping my cash flowing) but the Foxtrot can't come soon enough. Corvettes are going to be major FUN at this rate. Did you improve the alien's stun armor? I recall capturing Sebillians in X-Div 0.98 by throwing flashbangs at them until they keeled over. In 0.99, a Caesian guard just went man-mode against three soldiers geared with shock batons. I had to shoot him dead before the shields failed. 15 days in and still no blood grenades. A day without blood grenades is a good day.
  5. I don't have the first clue about what's happening in this video but I'll believe you if you tell me it's awesome.
  6. Nothing quite as tasty as home-grown vegetayyybles, I see ! I've now finished October but I think I'll put this playthrough on hold right there. Or rather, bin it and wait for Version 3 to do a fresh start. I mean, I find it difficult to appreciate a mod when I've been breaking it since the start and there's no way I'm finishing the current run before 3.0 anyway (not with today's release, you know). So, I'll be back later with more MIGs and perhaps a nice log of my own.
  7. Nice log as always ! As for me, I had a bit of play going from the first of October to mid-October. Seeing that my first base of Khartoum Network (no, I'm not sorry) was storing nothing less than four million bucks in alien loot, I decided to go wide rather than tall and build bases all over the place. As it turned out, I got slightly overenthousiastic in building four new bases, which had a nasty effect on my bank account and redirected part of my manufacturing efforts towards pumping goodies for the black market. Oops. I also decided to take my R&D to the next level. With only 15 scientists and 10 engineers to work with in September, I was behind on the air game. Well, I thought Scout would be nice and get murdered by any MIG 31 too, which wasn't happening. So, the priority of Alenium Explosive jumped high up and so did my R&D payroll, getting me those sweet torpedoes just in time for the Scout onslaught of mid-October. Talking about air superiority, Fighters filled the hole left by the now-obsolete Scouts. I chose the MIG 25 as my dedicated dogfighter and, besides my own tendency to take missiles in the face, it's doing its job quite well. No F17 for me, their range is just too horrible IMHO and cannons are just more versatile than light missiles. I didn't test Hellfire pods on the F17 though, maybe they can change my mind. On the ground, things are going rather well. I have enough Jackals for my entire A-team and boy does it help, shield bearers can survive a full burst and I had a soldier survive getting lit up point blank by a sebillian prankster (I hate forest maps and all their dark corners). The rank 2 tranquilizer gun is nothing short of exceptional on rookies : the precision of a sniper rifle, the reaction modifier of an assault rifle and enough power to two-shot sebillians, it allowed my B-Team to steamroll a sebillian Scout. Still not as enjoyable as blowing up the damn lizards though. I could also test the Uzi and boy, it's awesome. A seven shot burst (the tooltip was indeed wrong) from behind a shield does wonder when breaching UFOs. The new guns make an aggressive playstyle so much more rewarding, I'm considering not even using laser pistols. *Edited out: comment on early rockets needing alloys, misread* Edit: wow, I hadn't seen just how bad alenium grenades were. I mean, Stun Grenades were highly profitable (15K every 7 man days) but alenium grenades only take 1 man day for 10 (27K profit). Holy crap.
  8. After one in-game month of killing aliens, I've found somes stuff I would like to report: 1/ Regarding the economy, I'm pleasantly surprised by the extreme profitability of raiding crash site. Since the selling price of alien weapons is so high, the game encourages making sure that one raids the most UFOs possible for the maximum loot. Which in turns allows the player to set up a lot of bases and face the high amount of UFOs zooming around in the atmosphere. It really feels like a war. For reference, by the end of the first month I had raided 12 crash sites and secured enough money for two full bases on the 1st of October, with two more coming online in a couple weeks. This is without manufacturing for profit, since I was busy building fighters. 2/ I found a small but rather significant bug: the SeaHawk (rank 2 Assault Dropship) is available right from the start. When delving into the tech tree, I found that the SeaHawk research projet doesn't do anything beyond adding a Xenopedia entry. This explains why the Charlie (and, by extension, ground vehicles) seemed so poor relative to other choices. 3/ There's some weirdness around weapon tooltips and their fidelity to in-game stats (or themselves). Like the M16-SAW has a TU cost of 70% according to the text description and 80% according to the statline (it also mentions being lighter than the LMG, which it isn't). Likewise, the Rank 2 Sawn-off Shotgun is supposed to be twice faster to shoot than the Rank 1 (to offset having only one barrel) but its actual TU costs are the same. One of the autopistols (Uzi I think?) also mentions firing seven bullets per burst while the statline says three bullets per burst (didn't test in-game to see which one is right). 4/ Does UFO armor actually work now? The MIG-31 can't one-shot a Scout with its twin Avalanche payload, despite what the Xenopedia entries say. I must say that I love this mod, it certainly adds a lot to the game without feeling cluttered. I'm currently running squads full of carbines, with shield/sawn-off on scouts and a couple heavy weapons. The mix of extreme overwatch with the carbine and excellent breaching ability from shielded shotgunners has done wonders for me. I didn't try the pistols yet (though they look sexy) and couldn't find an opportunity to properly use the semi-heavy guns (grenade launchers and alt shotguns) when I tried them. I certainly enjoy the various playstyles that are possible with just ballistic weaponry.
  9. Hello there ! I decided to take another go at Xenonauts, with this mod instead of X-Div for a change of pace. I've only done a quick scan for now, letting the game run until game over to see the new tech tree, and I must say I'm impressed with the creativity. In particular, I love the new dropships/escorts and the tradeoff between having a fast assault craft and a slow but heavily protected dropship. That and having proper base upgrades, though the lack of retrofitting is a bit of a downer (much less so that the bugs, obviously, but I didn't see those yet). Anyway, I spotted a couple of issues from this first glance. The first is some weirdness in the Xenopedia entries, mostly grammar and typos but the first Stun Weapon research seems to have lost its introduction paragraph. The second is the inconsistency in manufacturing for profit. I have a Excel spreadsheet to calculate the profit I'll make on each item, factoring in diminishing returns and salaries. Most items (that I've seen) stand at the "technically profitable" mark, where they merely pay for the work hours spent on building them, with spare cash for a sandwich in some cases. On the other hand, stun grenades can pay for the entire base and, from what Reactorcore says, it only gets worse from there. I think they should get a cut on the sale price to stop Xenonauts from printing their own money.