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  1. That makes the soldiers reachable for Reaper, although it can still work to force him to waste whole turn getting to soldier, if it has to go around.
  2. Sar1n

    Base defense

    Speaking about base defense...how many vehicles can participate, and are they counted as 2 soldiers against limit? The way I see it,vehicles are much better than rookies... Oh, and can I blow up anything important during base defense?
  3. I've dealt with Reapers in the night...landed UFO. My advice, advance VERY carefully, spam flares, and always keep your pointmen at half TU at the end of turn for reaction fire. I've seen Reaper run out of the dark only to eat a couple of rifle rounds and shotgun blast to the face.
  4. Ah, thanks. Gas rockets and grenades pulled me out of few tight spots so far when usual WMD (weapons of map destruction) couldn't be used. I was wondering if that tactic might backfire this way... Speaking about that, I just captured that damn Sebillian officer. Tough bugger, even though he made it easy for me...he kindly opened the door of his corvette, and got seriously wounded by reaction fire. But then, he survived several rounds of continuous stun grenade+flashbang bombardment. I don't like going close, so I didn't bring shock batons. Eventually, he succumbed after taking more than dozen various grenades.
  5. I discovered Xenonauts a few days ago, and having a blast (literally, thanks to my rocketeers). I've advanced only a bit in game so far, just started encountering corvettes. There's a few questions on my mind though, becasue I think I need to plan quite ahead and don't wanna screw up something that'll force me to go months of ingame time back. Let's start with air power. Planning my progress ahead, I decided to go with six bases-HQ (research, dropship, interceptors) two secondary (workshops, interceptors, dropship) and three radar/interceptor only. I might cut it to 5 if I leave Alaska, parts of Canada, US West Coast and east Russia to their own. After couple months in game, I'm not sure if this will be viable due to funding. Interceptors. How many per base is ideal? I thought about 3 (full wing). But so far, I have two bases, and getting occassionally quite swamped by alien craft. And...is it just me, or are starting Condors just useless after you can replace them with Foxtrots? The only two UFOs I've met so far capable of dodging Avalanches are light scout and fighter, and those can still be dealt with by hitting the burners and planting those torpedoes in their face point blank. And Foxtrot has greatly superior speed and range. Moving on to base design...I dunno if I should leave some room for buildings that I'll unlock later. And on normal difficulty (first run, after all), how long-roughly-do I have until I start to lose nations due to unchecked alien activity? So far, there's far too much going on at Americas, and I don't have radar/interceptor coverage there (still on second month). Tactical...so far, only one thing. Can stunned aliens spontaneously wake up, like in old UFO/X-COM? And final (so far). Who pays for all the collateral damage during missions?
  6. Sar1n

    Night mission, no flares

    If I might poke this a bit...I noticed that Alenium grenades take precedence over flares, gas grenades, flashbangs and smoke grenades in quick grenade slot (no idea about more advanced grenades, didn't make it that far yet). So if you have soldiers equipped with Alenium grenades, you have to switch the slot to flares before you can throw them.
  7. I prefer sniping the aliens out, rather than wholesale destruction using MGs. Two snipers will do decent job of thinning the aliens inside, along with couple of flashbangs, will make the aliens easy picking. Although my favorite method of storming the scouts is "dutch oven". Open the door. Lob in gas rocket and few gas grenades. After few turns, clean up what's left.