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  1. So actually on,ontopic, about the teleport cost and telefragging, i guess not the same effort and feedback went into XCE that went into Long War. But for me it would be a shame to lose such an engaged player from xenonauts this is why i would ask you to try XDivision when its ready. I wrote something else in the post before but i found it "unpleasant to read". If you still want to read it i can send it per pm or post it here.
  2. I know and knew it comes across that way. So ontopic, i havent seen your save file, but i would invite you to play XDivision when its ready .
  3. A few words of caution right here. XDivision is in the alpha phase which means a lot is going to change in the process. From over 800 researches only a fracture of them have xenopedia entries, 100% of gameplay mechanic explanations which are essential for understanding the game are missing. All strings are temporarily in place. I fix bugs everyday while they happen. Aircrafts, Aircrafts Weapons, Vehicles, Vehicle Weapons, grenades, explosives and rockets have only the minimum of requirements to manufacture because im going to work on the balance later on. There are a lot of things which won´t change anymore like everything ground combat related, the weapon DSB (Disassemble) system, the UFO DSB system and a lot more. Still this looks like all the things you detest. About your problem with the teleporters: Its a design decision. Teleporter blocking and low teleporting costs are the same like door camping. They are OP, easy to pull off and easy to understand (right?). So something for everyone. When you find that out about those strategy you feel like a genius, and when people take it away from you its like they take away a beloved toy you´ve played with so long. The same thing happened in development phase when Chris set the firing modes to a % of the maximum TUs. The players liked their godlike Soldiers with fixed TU costs who could fire 6 times a turn and were really pissed about getting them taken away. Now its standart. Im not saying that i dont understand you, what I want to show you is, that that opens the possibilities for new strategies. Im currently working on the airgame/aircrafts/UFOs, producing new bugs every day. When that is finished im going to do a showcase of every UFO and its unique features, maybe thats interesting for you. If you want to have a hasslefree streamlined experience then the 1.0 Version is what you are looking for. The Beta will have everything in it but some minor balance tweaks here and there and ofcourse every bug we find until we launch the 1.0 version. One last word. If you want a 100% coherent and straightforward game that tells you what to do at every simple step and turn then play the Vanilla game. This made most of the people happy. XCE is not for everyone, XDivision is not for everyone, and i think thats ok as long as you help the players as much as you can by showing them how something COULD be done and giving usefull advice on how to tackle problems. Half Life 1 is a wonderful example for that, showing the players ingame what to avoid. If they still fail then they knew why they did. Its a good motivation to become better for the next time and a great achievment when they finally are capeable of doing it. Unfortunately XCE doesnt really have that. I hope we can get it done for XDivision though.
  4. @ XNT Developer Team, can i use all the resources and things you worked on in my mod, or other mods ?
  5. Oh, i forgot 3.1 Add the corpse to corpseprops.xml The alternative would be to play a mod that already has them in it.
  6. Where did you see something like that ? 34 RC2 isnt 34.2, its lower than 34.1, i guess. But either way, no good news on that front.
  7. 1. make a new mod 2. get anything xenomorph related from XNT, especially the units folder 3. add the corpse and stunned version to items.xml, set their status (Normal, Uncapped, ... ) 4. add the research, if you want any 5. add the manufacture, if you want any 6. most importantly, add them to the UFOs you want em in in ufocontents 7. code the ai and their equipment (aiprops.xml) 8. make the xpedia entry 9. add all the new strings 10. clean up errors done Everything you are looking for should already be in the XNT mod, so its be a simple copy paste.
  8. Conclusion: 3133 individiual strings from 4 .xml (items, researches, manufactures, aircrafts ) in 3 hours.
  9. A collection of discoveries when you are modding. Feel free to suggest more. When this thing gets too big you can search with "Crtl+F" to look for your topic. For future references its important to keep in mind: XCE is not a mod and doesnt follow the same rules, its the base from wihich the modular system starts to work. The Items.xml doesnt take the libre calcualator way of saving well (libre style for future reverences) Capital letters and non capital letters are not inerchangeable and cause crashes. Xml sheets only save to the 65536 cell, which means for instance that the researches.xml only saves to the 645th row. After that it bugs out. Solution: put the remaining research lines into another researches.xml and make another mod with it called part 2. Looks to work fine, an invisible bug stopped the game from taking additional cells after the 650th one. The requirement cell from the manufactures.xml can only be so long, if its too long it crashes "Empty" requirement cells in researches.xml won´t overwrite XCE/vanilla/other mods for existing researches. Empty Cells in general get ovewrwritten by ANYTHING else, meaning if you want to make a vanilla/XCE research which doesnt require anything not possible. Better make a new research or set the requirement very low, Alien Invasion for instance Be careful when copying from libre office to excel, there is a lot which can get wrong, namely when you select cells to copy from libre to rows from excel. About the Aircraftweapons.xml and items.xml: Every (human) Aircraft weapon will get looked up by the game and compared if there is an appropriate item in the items.xml. If there is none the game wont recognice every following weapon in the aircrafts.xml, going by the order of weapons in the aircraftweapons.xml Modmerge doesnt work for the aircraftweapons.xml. It only "update"s but doesnt "insert" new items if 2 mods (excep XCE) add aircraftweapons.xml. This means that in order to have higher priority mod to get acknowledged by the modmerge system the new items and weapons need to be in the lower priority mod as well for both the items.xml as well as aircraftweapons.xml. Is solvable - bug occurred because every aircraft weapon has to be in the items list as well, even the alien ones and the ones not used. Weapons which target missiles/torpedos, anti missile weapons or AM for short, produce a crash whenever 2 AM projectiles from the SAME Aircraft are in the game. This applys to 2 AM weapons equipted on the same aircraft as well as the shoot before the last AM projectile vanished or hit its targaet. Aircraft: Autoresolve seems to do a lot more dmg to the winning squad if the main UFO can evade. From 2 times up to ? dmg. manufactures.xml If you change or delete an manufacture which a savegame already registered as available the save game will no longer be compatible with your version of xenonauts If you are working with the manufacture_categories.xml remember to put an modmerge command like "replace" on the head of the file. The vanilla manufactures.xml has code lines which excel cant reproduce/deal with. If you try to modmerge/change these lines without the proper code, which needs an notepad++ or similar program edit, the game modmerge errors your file out. xenopedia.xml: Some entries in the Vanilla/XCE have additional rows which need to be overtaken as well in order to overwrite them. Namely: Researches.AlienLeaderInterrogation; Researches.AlienOfficerInterrogation; Researches.AlienInvasion; Researches.AndronDisassembly; Researches.WraithAutopsy; Researches.ReaperAutopsy, and the Researches.AlienAssaultPlasma. Otherwise this leads to a MODMERGE error. You can only "update" and not "replace" the civilian code in aiprops.xml aiprops: The "Abilities" line only works for units, not races weapons_gc: Melee weapons cant do emp damage In case a unit may receive emp damage the game calculates if the normal or emp damage is higher and applies the higher one psionicpowers_gc: The "dread" ability is a praetor race exclusive one Strings.xml & xenopedia.xml Although there are color codes in the files it is not possible to change ingame colors of strings. Its hardcoded ( Solver ). How the game picks a UFO sound.xml & sound_gc.xml Suppression mechanics and formulas
  10. More "working with code" Videos. This time its about the Strings.xml Working with Strings.xml: Working with Strings.xml, Swapping between programmes: In this way i could rewrite the whole Strings.xml without even being there. Edit: Actually, i think thats a good idea. All of the codes are such a mess. Im going to make a master researches.xml and master manufactures.xml file in order to not have any more stupid merges from 6 different mods which do god knows what. I already have my master items.xml file. Then im rewriting the whole strings.xml from scratch, only leaving the Tooltips. That should take a couple of hours, maybe till tomorrow. The Xpedia is also going to get rewritten in the same way, getting 100% dependend on the master researches.xml file. So brace yourselves, fellow helpers.
  11. Hi, kabill. Can i use your different colored psi attacks for my mod, or other mods ?
  12. Because of the Signature Character Limit im going to put everything I want you to know in here. Enjoy. Lets get this done - Knowledge collecting starts here How to properly test Mods and changes you made to the game Modder´s Wisdom THIS IS SPARTA !!!! X-Division Version [X:CE 34.2] Custom Manufacture Category Sorting ID - Guide Aircombat Autoresolve Calculator Charons Overhauled Mods - request section Alternative Storyline ( X-Division ) researches.xml: Researches.xml discoveries aircrafts.xml SUBMISSION - Charon sound.xml How to insert new sound files into existing ones mods ( beside X-Division ): Aircombat Radio Sounds 2.1 Charons Overhauled Mods - [V1.08] Jsleezy's Real Fighter Portrait Pack The comprehensive guide to Modding and the Modmerging System for XCE X-Division Technology Tree General Advice When switching between mods/installing new ones it is recommended to clear out/delete the C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Goldhawk Interactive\Xenonauts\internal folder to make sure the appropriate scripts are loaded. At least until you know what you are doing. Dont have 2 XDivision mods at your mod directory, no matter the version differences, they bug the modloader in unknown ways. The Difficulty modifier in the gameconfig.xml doesnt work for humanAirplaneSpeed*** and humanAirplaneRange***. Only the humanAirplaneSpeedNormal and humanAirplaneRangeNormal will get taken on all difficulties. This is a known bug since 2014, lets hope the other difficulty modifiers work as intended. As a general rule: dont trust the difficulty modifier too much, if you wanna make changes set the ***Normal Values to the value you want. META If you "install" a mod it takes the <Name>***</Name>, if you copy it directly into you mods/... folder it takes the folders name as the mods name in the modloader. Maps tilesetmask1.png and tilesetmask2.png dont get taken by the game, and such content has to be available as tilesetmask1-modmerge.png and tilesetmask2-modmerge. Furthermore, the base tilesetmask1.png and tilesetmask2 cant seem to get modmerged as mentioned before, which means the vanilla/xce tile maks always have a chance to get taken.
  13. The first thing you wanna check is the gameconfig.xml. There are a lot of variables you can change midgame to test different things out, most importantly "when" you start (if you start a new game): <!-- GAME START TICKER SCORE --> <startingAlienTicker value="0" comment="The game starts with this alien ticker value." /> Another important thing are the starting airplanes, which set the starting airplanes when you start a new game. At the bottom are a lot of developer tools, for instance manual increasing items in the store, instant building hack, etc .... . The usual you find in games. The second and most important tool is the Xenonauts_gc_editor.exe. You can find it in the XCE folder. You can almost control the battlefield, say ground missions, endlessly. The most important commands are "V" and"U" "V" is for winning and kills every other unit than Xenos "U" opens the battlefield UI and there you can do everything, from moving around units on the map to giving ANY unit ANY weapon, etc ... Other commands are "Ctr+Q" to reveal the map or "Q" for hiding it again, but there are more than that, i think. Lastly, there are custom parameters: "-Quickbattle" and "-aircmbt" You put those into the .exe links paramter ( right klick link, properties, in the destination line) But they are buggy and i dont recommend to use them. I didnt get them to work myself but there is an exemplary .bat in the vanilla folder. To easily test stunned aliens you can equipt your soldiers with stun weapons and move the aliens you want to get stunned around in the battle UI Editor >> easy capture. For the battle UI Editor press "U" when you have started the game from the Xenonauts_gc_editor.exe. When you are finished kill all non stunned aliens with "V" Wanna see what UFOs are spawning across the globe ? Add <baseBuilding0 type="QuantumCryptologyCenter" xposition="1" yposition="0" orientation="0"/> to starting buildings in the gameconfig.xml Post it if you know of more methods to easily and efficiently test mods and other things.
  14. Actually, i need help with the strings.xml. Bump me if you are interested.
  15. For the guys who are update hungry heres the research changelog:
  16. YAAAAAAY, we need all the help we can get. Get into contact with XcomJunkie and ask him if he needs any help somewhere or if he wants to do it all alone. Im tied up with the researches.xml so it escapes me where we could use some help somewhere else, since strings.xml is dependend on items.xml, is dependend on manufacture.xml, is dependend on researches.xml, and thats where i am right now . Oh, yeh and ask drages if he needs any help.
  17. @XComJunkie Request: Can you make xpedia entry as detailed as possible for Researches.***SpecialistCorpse? Ill send you a pm.
  18. yay, welcome on board. Dont let him get fresh air until he is at 50% ... than a few free weekends ... and the rest should be done around noon .
  19. I just made a speedrun with same file and doing the exact same thing. Checking and adding UnlockManufacture( ***); of about 400 weapons in 5 minutes 43 seconds and 970 milliseconds. Xenonauts,Full Automation unstoppable,Max Speed, Working with code: It is recommended to listen to Yakety Sax music at the same time.
  20. Im currently working on the researches file of XDivision and want to share some automated methods to work with some code: Xenonauts, Automation, Working with code, C&P: Xenonauts, Full Automation, Working with code: Xenonauts,Full Automation unstoppable, Working with code: Checking and adding UnlockManufacture(...); to ~400 weapon lines took 21 minutes 47 seconds and 37 miliseconds. This can easily be triple sped up to 7 min but i wanted to make sure that the human (me) could keep up with what the program is doing at all times and double checking as it was running.
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