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    Prevent reaction fire

    I do not recall any such function in the original XCOM. But you could simply face your xenonauts in a harmless direction - they will only reaction-shot against aliens in their field of vision. But friendly reaction fire in XCOM simply taught me to place my dudes better.
  2. Crouching is supposed to give you a bonus to accuracy (and defence). Are you saying the bonus isn't applied? And there is no prone position, but there would be a few obstacles with implementing such a feature. For example, does the person/alien now occupy two squares instead of one? And will they be able to see and shoot around cover - if so, which side of the cover? Also, the prone position would be useful mainly to snipers in this game - and one might argue that they do not need additional bonuses to their aim. It shouldn't be undoable, though - I do believe you can get your soldiers prone in Silent Storm - and even crawl in that position.
  3. Well, this thread is kinda old, and I'm sure X2 is getting all the focus, but this is the place to post this, so... (And for all I know this entry carries over to X2, so it might still be pertinent) In the Xenopedia entry for Rapid Fire Lasers, we can read this, amongst other things: "The proposed solution borrows heavily from the Autocannon mounted on our interceptors - multiple rotating barrels. Instead of using a rotating barrel arrangement to facilitate high-speed loading of ammunition, it can be used to vastly reduce the amount of heat continual fire will generate in each individual barrel." This would seem to imply that the purpose for multiple rotating barrels in the autocannon is to facilitate high speed loading of ammunition. But this has never been the reason for multiple rotating barrels, in any weapon. The reason gatling guns have multiple barrels is precisely to reduce the amount of heat generated for each individual barrel - it's a cooling mechanism. There is nothing preventing the design of a single-barrelled gun with the same rate of fire as a mini-gun, but without the rotating barrels you'd overheat 3-6 times as fast.
  4. Different countries have different naming traditions, and as Xenonauts is an international organisation, the closest equivalent would be the UN. However, I'm damned if I can find what those UN bases are actually called. I think they are simply called after the region in which they are located, such as Kidal Base in Mali - I haven't found any other name for it. In my current save I name my bases after generals more or less from the local region. I suppose I could have gone for Santa Anna base in South America, but that ended up as Patton base instead. And Zhukov has to make do with Indonesia. Close enough, I say. Or you could simply go with the phonetic alphabet. Alpha base, Bravo base, etc. Boring, but functional.
  5. There is another thing to consider. The x3 burst has the same probability - per shot, mind you - as the snap shot. And with no movement, you have time for one x3 burst plus an additional snap shot. That makes it up to four rounds fired. The regular shot has a somewhat higher probability, and the aimed shot higher probability still. With no movement, you then have time for either four snap shots (including the burst), or one aimed and one regular shot. I'll have to get home to find out exactly how much improved the regular and aimed shots are, before I could calculate which has the better chance of landing at least one hit: four low-% shots or two not-so-low-% shots. Normally, though, I reserve burst fire to pretty much point blank range, and then usually against androns or enemies that need to die now.
  6. I've encountered this numerous times, and what I've done is what you do: take the UFO and hold it for five turns. I've had limited success in drawing them to the edges of the roof-tops, where I might get a shot at them, but this involves placing agents where those harridans can get at them, too. In cover, of course, but still. But thank Go[l]d[hawk] for the option to win by waiting it out in the UFO! If you played the original XCOM EU and/or TFTD, remember what those bug hunts used to be like.
  7. Kissaki

    Over 500 games and still bored

    Hmmm, read anything by Oliver Sacks? "The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat", "Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain", etc. Or you could do what most people who have cabin fever do: more sleeping and more playing with yourself. More of a symptom than a cure, though.