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    Andron Analysis - how did I get that?

    Yes, might be the Lore+ mod, eh?
  2. In my UFOPaedia is an entry "Andron Analysis". How did I get that? I can`t remember having stunned an Andron, since they are robots. What gave me that entry?
  3. LouisdeFuines

    Prevent reaction fire

    In XCOM there was a button, that you just had to right-click. Here I miss this feature. Lost several soldiers, who got hit in the back...
  4. LouisdeFuines

    Prevent reaction fire

    Is there any possibility to prevent reaction fire from happening? In XCOM you could simply reduce the TU to 0.
  5. Game freezes for me, when the Praetorian shoots the Fusion Core in the Battle Ship.