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  1. When it didn't work with .Desc I checked out logfile.txt.
  2. For description you need to add ".Description" in strings.xml. e.g.: ManTech.Hunter.Description
  3. I have not changed anything in weapons.xml. In sequipview.lua I added: command = function() OnWtab1Pressed(); end, did you notice that?
  4. Nice! I finished sequipview.lua, new weapons tabs: wtab1-4 and new equipment tabs: etab1-3.
  5. Yes In sequipview.lua I see something like this: command = function() OnBallisticsPressed(); end,
  6. I thinking of adding 4 new tabs under ballistics/laser/plasma/mag tabs.
  7. @Solver Should I start working on sequipview.lua(weapons categories) tomorrow?
  8. workshopview.lua(name = "produces") and storeview.lua (added the category column to transfer window )
  9. Do you plan on adding manufacture descriptions and/or more weapons categories?
  10. Well, initially I didn't understand what exactly @Charon wants, I thought he wants something like a map key/legend , that's why I made this too(with tabs): So @Charon wants manufacture description and @drages wants more weapons categories. Of course I will go first if you want to add the code for it and if you don't like this changes to be in xce, maybe we can do something so it only take effect under certain conditions.
  11. Like this? (Can be changed from strings.xml)
  12. Nice! So when can I have necessary files for this so I can test it myself because I added the category column to transfer window too.
  13. Draku

    Bigger Fonts in Xenonauts 2

    Perhaps it hates those lists specifically because I can change successfully fontScale for ListControl "roster" in personnelview.lua
  14. I can change only the name, positions will stay the same