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    ShamefulAnon's Attractive Female Armor Replacement Mod

    Half thanks, then. I will rectify it.
  2. ShamefulAnon

    ShamefulAnon's Attractive Female Armor Replacement Mod

    It's about context. If you put sexualized characters in a kid's show, the kids will gain the impression that they should appear a certain way in order to appeal to others. On the other hand, leaving out sexualized characters in mature content would be akin to suppressing a healthy natural urge. It's bikini or habit, you can't have it both ways! (seemingly covert compromise: Skin tight suit, eg. Nintendo's Zero Suit Samus, Star Trek's 7of9, and Halo's Cortana (sans Halo 4)) Where does Xenonauts belong in the midst of this? It depends on context. It's not Civilization 5, where a time trek through humanity's progress would be marred by bikini warriors. It's not Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball either, in which the sport lends itself very well to physics simulations. To me, Xenonauts is about humanity coming together to overcome an alien threat. Xenonauts isn't about girls fighting in bikinis. Xenonauts represents both genders and all nationalities. The racial and gender ratio representations are more realistic than the current norm in movies. At the very least, this mod's content isn't lore friendly. Even though I like the women in my mod better than the default ones, if I was given the choice, I wouldn't put them in the original game that customers bought. But that's okay though, because this mod is placed in a conveniently tucked away location on the forums, where only people that are looking for it will likely find it. Sure, a little girl might stumble upon her dad's mod folder and discover that she should be a tall white or asian female with breasts, but it's as likely as a scenario where she finds her dad's other hidden folders. No, the reason I am ashamed of this mod is totally unrelated. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I will update the mod later.
  3. ShamefulAnon

    ShamefulAnon's Attractive Female Armor Replacement Mod

    Can't tell if trying to make me feel bad or giving constructive criticism for personal use of said mod.
  4. ShamefulAnon

    Request- More Head types

    There are plenty of spare heads to roll around on the forums. This one may do the trick for you, but it's not customizable. http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/11042-New-character-gaming-faces-bodies If you want, just give me a picture of you and your friend, both kind of facing the same sort of angle as the troopers, and I will turn you into a proper Xenonaught! (P.S. it helps to be against a single colored bright wall)
  5. Hi, I'd like a mod that incentivizes the player to use less turns in combat. Rewarding faster play with money makes combat more fun, cuts down on turn skip tedium, and gives players a tactical choice of risk/reward. Less Turns, Big Money, Big Prizes! The idea is similar to Meld, although Firaxis's implementation didn't manage to actually sway most gamers into playing faster. I did a little experimentation on my own. I've got cheat engine running, and I'm giving myself extra money for completing a mission quickly. How much to actually reward is the hard part. The objective is ensure that the cash reward does not unbalance the game by making it any harder or easier. In theory, you reward the amount of money according to how much resources the player is likely to lose for every turn they play faster. To find the goldilocks reward, I did a few comparison runs with some speed runs and slow runs. The main difference is the amount of soldier casualties (so this doesn't and shouldn't account for destroyed player inventory). I did some math and ended up with this working, fuzzy estimate: Find the sum of the ranks in your squad, if Private is a 1, Corporal is 2, and so on. Total ranks * $300 = Cash bonus, per unspent turn! (Map size modifier) - (number of turns you took to complete the mission) = Unspent Turns A small map size modifier is 8, medium is 20, large is 35. Unspent Turns * Cash Bonus = Big Money, Big Prizes. (applies only to missions where enemies are stationary) My current formula is really fuzzy. It doesn't account for a lot of things, like ground vehicles, map difficulty, and so on. I still need to play more to test the number, and I guess the best way to do this is to play two separate runs, one with the "mod" and one without.
  6. ShamefulAnon

    ShamefulAnon's Attractive Female Armor Replacement Mod

    I'm not actually going to have any of the armours with skin showing other than the neck, because I do not want to invest the time into changing all skin tones. It can still be sexy without any skin showing though. Unfortunately, I have no interest in doing so.
  7. ShamefulAnon

    [v 1.5/X:CE] Armour Resource Pack

    Thanks, Kabill. I may use this for my Shameful Female Armor mod. Just thought you should know that your work is appreciated.
  8. ShamefulAnon's Attractive Female Armor Replacement Pack for Xenonauts Change your females to attractive characters from other games. Comes with 29 characters, small portrait replacement and 2 armour replacement during equip loadout. I am ashamed of myself for making this mod, and that is why I wish to remain anonymous for it. This mod's kinda weird, so if nobody likes it, I'll stop updating it. Installation: Extract to Xenonauts Dir. Jackal Armour Basic Armour TBD Armour Oct/21/14 v1- Remade armour.basic and armour.jackal. To Do: Add templates for other people to use if requested, remake additional armours, figure out if the armours that do not show the face can be modified (can't test because haven't gotten that far in the game yet), get farther in the game, possibly remake all the male soldiers into female chars as well. Does anyone know if the armour.colossus can be modified to include faces as well as armours? The armours.xml does not properly point to the actual armour.pngs... Assistance requested. Download Link https://www.sendspace.com/file/9lq39u