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  1. During the return fire, my soldier freezing, it is impossible to choose. This happened to me twice already, on different maps Desktop_2019_04.28_-_09_09_41_01.mp4 Mission 29 Ufo.json output.log
  2. it only affects one soldier and he knocks out the rest of the game. End Turn, pressed without problems, you can continue the game without one soldier. no, dating the situation happened twice during return fire it only happens with the soldier who responded with fire
  3. Desktop_2019_04.28_-_22_05_40_01.mp4 Mission 40 Ufo.json output.log
  4. I shot down two UFO, clicked on the envelope at the bottom left and got an crash to desktop. Later I loaded and continued the game without an error. 3.json output.log

    [V4.2 Geoscape] Crash to Desktop

    [V4.2 Geoscape] Crash to Desktop I was chasing a UFO Crash to Desktop 111.json output.log

    [V4.2 General] Strength Stats

    Increase strength V4.2 can not, but you can equip Exosuit Armor +100 Strength
  7. I found a problem I play 3840x2160 TU is not displayed I set low resolution 1920x1080 TU enable
  8. Yes, TU in my version of the game is not displayed, I thought it should be. I have not modified the game.
  9. Yes and it is impossible to choose a soldier
  10. Unable to arm aircraft Falcon-9 Base 1.json
  11. [V4.2, Ground Combat, downed spaceship, Psion] Enemies shoot across the second floor Map with crashed Scout Advanced Map with crashed Destroyer Advanced Map with crashed Transport Mission 27 Ufo.json output.log
  12. Crash with red numbers in left bottom after mission debriefing screen, after finishing ground combat, the mission debriefing screen is displayed. Crash to Desktop Mission 18 Ufo.json output.log output.log_1.648f1bfcc627277496d0e449e61f894d
  13. Xenophobia v 2.3.0 (12.11.14) assembly of 22 mods Xenophobia to game Xenonauts. It is based is taken Compilation Mods for Xenophobia v 1.1.6. Sorry for my English, it's not native for me. 1 The mod consists of 22 popular mods for Xenonauts modified to work together. 2 No more endless weapons, ammunition and equipment. All arms, ammunition and equipment soldiers now must be paid and made in the workshop. New weapons are unlocked as you advance in research and in the production of the same, as usual. 3. The available equipment on the first base at the beginning of the game, pistol - 5, shotgun- 2, assault rifle-10, sniper rifle - 2, machine gun - 2, rocket launcher - 2. 4. New AI (artificial intelligence) for ground operations (Aliens Actively group & retreat, throw grenades through the obstacles, houses, fences, shrubs including different types of grenades, and hiding behind full cover (if possible). Aliens will open doors and close doors behind them and use long range weapons effectivly( they will not automatically closed doors in UFOs) The intelligence seen easily after the emergence of a large number of aliens-Corvettes). AI made by team XNT. 5. New artificial intelligence for dogfighting. 6. 86 ranged weapons (with sounds). 7. 20 new melee weapons (with sounds). 8. 6 new battle shields, total 8 (which can be repaired directly in combat). 9. 2 new first aid kits (which you can reload directly in the battle) and small disposable stimulators. 10. 6 new species of aliens. A remake of the fashion from zzz1010 in Creepers Mod that is no longer updated. 11. New photo-realistic faces of soldiers. http://s017.radikal.ru/i426/1408/80/8841e8ed79de.jpg 12. 3 new aircraft and 11 new weapons aircraft. 13. A new completely revised and expanded tech tree. 14. Special meetings added to the game! (Characters or enemies? Mystery at this point.) 15. Added a superior view of the barracks, a description of each parameter, the number of completed missions and killings are now available and in battle. 16. Replaced by the sound of shot from weapons. 17. 675 new maps for ground combat updated to the latest version at 1.09.14. With the magnificent scenery of forests http://radikal.cc/users/AND_GREAT#alb=Les 17. Dozens of new articles and pictures to xenopedia. 18. UFO damage now more realistic, now look really broken, not pristine as in the original. 19. A new musical score. Great music, I have selected eleven masterpieces of XCOM Enemy Unknown 2012 and Deus Ex Human Revolution. 20. Replaced combat armors http://s004.radikal.ru/i206/1409/00/d5bd9b252740.jpg 22. A new completely revised and expanded Tech tree mod Xenophobia (with a summary table of parameters and PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS of the aliens (specifications) of weapons available in fashion can be found in the folder \Xenonauts\assets\Tech tree mod Xenophobia.jpg). 23. Added mod blood by TT3 http://s012.radikal.ru/i319/1409/c3/e3350338329a.jpg http://s019.radikal.ru/i612/1409/c4/28fa7b00e53c.jpg http://s010.radikal.ru/i314/1411/87/42b4c989c809.jpg 24. Replaced armor Wolf and Hawk. http://s019.radikal.ru/i634/1410/3d/76e8727d3e57.jpg 25. New sounds of pain and injury from a unit from. 26. New music (32: 51 mins.) for night operations from the game Defcon 27. Fixed an animation which led to the invisibility of Viper and egg. 28. The mod is now divided into 3 Periods, the emergence of powerful aliens now won't be in September - October 29. Rebalans all weapons in mod. 30. Rebalans all Aliens in mod. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Installation: those who have already downloaded and installed the basic files mod v 2.2.0, we now turn to paragraph 5 1. This can be installed on Xenonauts ver. 1.07 or 1.09, with any version of the translation. Without modifications. After you install the mod game is version CE 0.25. 2. Download and install K-Lite Codec Pack Full (29.51 MB). http://files.digital-digest.com/static/K-Lite_Codec_Pack_1075_Full.exe 3. Download the core files Russian translation mod Xenophobia (Rus) v 2.2.0 (31.10.14).exe http://nnportal.org/portal/topic534014.html Detailed instruction step-by-step how to register on the torrent site without having to know the Russian language, open the spoiler 4. Run the archive Russian translation mod Xenophobia (Rus) v 2.2.0 (31.10.14).exe and specify the location to install Xenonauts. Wait for the file copy. 5. Download Patch Xenophobia (Rus) v 2.3.0 (12.11.14).exe http://nnportal.org/portal/topic534014.html 6. Run the archive Patch Xenophobia (Rus) v 2.3.0 (12.11.14).exe and specify the location to install Xenonauts. Wait for the file copy. 7. Run game. Necessarily new game (for those who began playing the version 2.2.0, continue to play safely) The installer creates the folder \Xenonauts, be careful, frequent error while installation is shown in the screenshot How to check the correct installation of the fashion shows in the screenshot How to update torrent shown in the screenshot ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Known issues, not yet fixed ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- List of used resources when creating an assembly ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My game videos, comments in russian, but you can see my tactics.
  14. See Known issues, not yet fixed http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/12362-%28-1-07-1-09%29-completely-stable-Xenophobia-version-of-AND_GREAT?p=140617&viewfull=1#post140617
  15. See Tech tree mod Xenophobia all described
  16. Thank you. The Assembly is fully functioning, I am just polishing and fix minor bugs. So the beta tester until needed. Better to play and have fun, if you find any errors report.
  17. Version of Slayerjerman and my Xenophobia are incompatible. It's almost two different games. Upgrade from version Slayerjerman is not possible. Mandatory condition of Xenophobia from AND_GREAT you need to start a new game. Sorry, but the correct version 1.5.0 from Slayerjerman I do not intend to, it contains a great number of software errors. I spent 3.5 months more to fix version 1.1.6, I don't have that much free time to maintain two versions of the game. more does not mean better. Better fewer weapons but it all correctly opens off after the study. Weapons in my Assembly is balanced and does not lead to the crash.
  18. Xenophobia v 2.3.0 (12.11.14) assembly of 22 mods Xenophobia to game Xenonauts. completely stable Xenophobia version of AND_GREAT. English version Russian version Change Logs
  19. Xenophobia v 2.3.0 (12.11.14) assembly of 22 mods Xenophobia to game Xenonauts. completely stable Xenophobia version of AND_GREAT. English version Russian version