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    If wanna Scroll down in the Storage, you can´t reach the bottom. You have to sell all things above to get to the Things which you can´t reach. user_durch_bug_mein_fehlendes_geld_ercheaten-27.json
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    Thanks. I actually noticed that and fixed it myself yesterday, so that'll be sorted out in the hotfix!
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    Get to the Tactictal Suit Button, there you can change it. In Beta 14 fully it worked, will test it shortly, have to produce the Accelerated Weapons finish first. Yep you are right, you can produce it, but dosen´t change it on the Tactical Suit Button. The Undersuit works fully normal. You have forgotten to attach the Savegame. I did it for us now, so the Devs can check what´s wrong. user_warden_combat_armor_not_suitable-23.json