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    I find it frustrating to use secondary weapons. When I want to use a secondary weapon, I find myself using the primary (or trying to use the primary) when i want to use the secondary. This is because I use primary weapons most of the time, so when I use a secondary weapon I tend to default to the same mouse clicks as when using a primary but think instead about the secondary and forget that I must use the small buttons above the secondary slot. As an example, after downloading v11 when I breached my first probe I lead with a sniper who had a SMG in the secondary slot. I intended to use the SMG but I forgot to deliberately click the SMG fire buttons, used the sniper rifle instead and missed.The squaddie then died in from alien counterfire. Would it be possible to lock the primary weapon out of use, just as I can lock the primary weapon out of overwatch so when I want to use a secondary, there is no chance that I mess up and use the primary instead?
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    Yeah, we need to do something with this, as right now secondary weapons are clunky. I think the first step might just be to have one of the weapons obviously selected at any given time - on several occasions I've swung a stun baton and then accidentally shot the target dead with the second attack because I wasn't aware the stun baton was still selected, for example.