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  1. You have equipments. You have soldiers. You combine them to form team, and you select which team to deploy every time. i.e. Team is a combination of available soldiers and available equipments, without locking them from other teams. Example You may have a team of soldiers equipped for UFO missions, and a team of soldiers equipped for terror missions. The same soldier may be in both teams and wield a shotgun in team A, but a rocket launcher in team B. Or the single laser rifle is the hands of soldier C for team A, but hands it over to another soldier for team B. Pros: Player can create specialised teams without manually re-equiping soldiers every time. Cons: Mainly in internal coding. The interface is roughly the same. If X1, in equipment and vehicle screen you replace dropship with teams, and in launch screen you list each vehicle once for each team or use a dropbox. Note: This feature runs best with single "dropship". Multiple dropships works, but the burden is on the player to create independent teams to send them in parallel.
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