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Thread: [v12.1] Infinite loop when trying to load some saved games

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    [v12.1] Infinite loop when trying to load some saved games

    I am not sure why this is happening, but the game seems to go into an infinite loop of some sort when it is trying to load some saved games. I can provide the games if you need them. The game starts taking up all cycles of one CPU core, and allocating more and more memory, although not too quickly.

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    Do you mean that your game freezes? If so, this behaviour is mentioned in the known bugs under QTD (quit to desktop).
    It happens when you save a game when
    - you're in ground combat
    - there is activity on the map (downed ufo, terror mission, flying ufo)

    Best to save when nothing is happening on your map at all. Just learnt this myself today, most of yesterdays saves are useless to me now.

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