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Thread: [V10.2] destroying all ufo's:10,20 or more air combats in a row,then player bankrupt

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    [V10.2] destroying all ufo's:10,20 or more air combats in a row,then player bankrupt

    hi, its idiotic event:/
    this repeats itself often

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    If you see UFO a small type or medium type. The attack with F-32 with new manufacture missiles. Disable torpedos. Then shoot down by gatling gun. Works 90%. Maybe needs disable 1 missile too. Or other. Sent on this type UFO's F17 with old earth weapons it shoot down 100%. Not destroyed.

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    this trick works, but... this concept gameplay stay in ending version this game?
    if high lv weapon used = 0% chance to shutdown? only destroy?

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    The spawn rate and time of ufo's has not been balanced.
    You may not be fighting so many of the weaker craft by that point in the full game.
    Or it may be that the weapons you are using will be weaker or the enemy will be stronger
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    100% destroyed ufo's = no ground mission = no artifact for sale = bankrupt? ^^

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    You don't need the artifact sales to stay in the green. Just destroying tons of UFOs has significant boosts into your monthly gains (+$200k total is what I had at one point). The monthly paycheck should be plenty enough to begin with, unless you overextend too early.

    It'll help, sure, the ground combat isn't required to make money in the game in it's current state.

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    Missiles make ships crash

    Torpedoes do high damage but if its the last hit it is destroyed.

    Only Light scout, scout, corvette create crash sites

    Fighter,bomber,heavy bomber do not

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    Double post!

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    The balance is nearly not final in the game. Many things will change until the end of the project.
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