Hi, just went through my first run of V 9.2 and absolutely loved it. Still a bit buggy, of course, but the gameplay was great and the look of the game was just right. I just came from the Bear's Pit Forum and having noticed a thread about the Firaxis version of XCOM I advertised your game and website. For anybody that doesn't know the Bear's Pit is the big gathering of Jagged Alliance 2 fanatics that created the wonderful 1.13 mod that has kept that game going for 13 years. They are quite a large community and have recently been VERY disappointed by Bitcomposer's remake of their game. Many are XCOM fans and are looking for a turn based game with fog of war and no gimmicks, just solid gameplay. I thought Xenonauts fit the bill. Anyway, maybe you guys could drop a line in there and do some selling of your own. It couldn't hurt because I think there are a lot of potential customers who are aching for a great new turn based game.