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Thread: old forum login gone?

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    old forum login gone?

    I tried to log into this new forum... and my old forum ID would not get me in.
    I also, though I pre-ordered, seem to have lost access to the part of the forum (if it exists in this incarnation of the forums) reserved for those who've pre-ordered.

    Any way I can get my status back?

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    This is normal, forum migration wiped the old accounts so you have to register a new one. The pre-orders will now be distributed via Desura rather than on our forums, and all pre-orderers should recieve a free key and instructions over the weekend.

    I've sent you a PM about helping us test the system though. If we can get a few people to try it now it should speed everything up a bit.
    Chris England - Xenonauts Project Lead

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    great! very excited about the desura integration. saves the hassle of updating the files.

    can't wait to see more progress

    also, i wouldn't mind helping out either.
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    If you still need more help then I'll be happy to help with anything I can as well.

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