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  1. looks absolutely awesome max!
  2. the new textures look freakin awesome max
  3. Game_tester - how about instead of trying to suggest a kickstarter you actually create such animations yourself? Last time I checked this is a modding section, not a kickstarter section of the forum.
  4. oh and i almost forgot - what about the tactical shoulder mounted nukes ?
  5. so what about MI power suits then?
  6. bring back hypervelocity
  7. yeah that caught my eye too. I hope its not gonna be to "gamey" in that sense
  8. looks really good so far, although not sure about the purplish tint
  9. So I just wanted to say congrats to Chris, GJ, Aaron and Giovanni. Guys you made an old dream of mine come true and i'm proud to say that Xenonauts was the first kickstarter project i ever backed. Heck, I only heard of kickstarter cause of Xenonauts. This game without a doubt is the best X-Com remake i ever seen, it has an awesome modding team which is quite an achievement considering that it hasn't been officially released yet (three huzzahs also go to Max_Caine and a333 for the Lore+ mod and Skitso as well as all the other incredibly talented mappers). Its been a real honor following this project in the last 2 years, obviously i'm not as much as a project veteran as others here, but i'd never expect myself to track an alpha staged game (and of course later turned-beta) for almost 2 years. Fact is I put 100 hours of playing into it so far (didn't get pass landing ships due to the constant updates) which might not sound a lot, but they are probably the only 100 hours i played of anything in the last 2 years. In the last 2 years a lot happened for me - i've become parent and held with my teeth at 2 jobs while doing a PhD. All of these really forced me to let go of the one thing i'm most passionate about in my life that doesn't revolve around my family and jobs - gaming. I've been a gamer since i was 6 years old when i would manage to sneak into my older brother's room and play on his C64. Letting go of gaming was probably the one thing that was the hardest for me in these 2 years and Xenonauts was pretty much the biggest comfort as far as having any "me" time goes. It seems odd now, that every free minute i managed to steal went into Xenonauts, but my point is that its that much of an incredible game in my opinion and if i'd have to do it all over again, i'd still stick to Xenonauts over every other game out there (including the 250 games i have in total on steam, gog, origin and Uplay). Thank you guys, thank you for making this game. It meant so damn much for me and I will probably keep any future goldhawk products in a favored place over any other game that will be made. Cheers guys!
  10. yeah confirmed here too
  11. can confirm this on scout and landing ship too
  12. can confirm this problem too, tried an old save. Will try a new game later. apparently i'm not getting the "alien seen" icon either (neither the red or yellow one).
  13. Its a great game so far, got the deluxe edition on pre-order. A bit disappointed with the unit animations but otherwise its really a great game. AI wiped me out in 19 turns...*whimpers in the corner*
  14. great...thanks!
  15. Just wanted to ask - is it supposed to be impossible to shoot using the Buzzard armor in flight?