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  1. so I tried the new version and for starters it refused to take the native res of 2560X1440 so i played windowed 1920X1080P...game loads, 2 turns in and black screen of death, computer won't budge without a cold reset so I guess i'll wait for the next version to come out. specs: win 10 pro Asus Z170-M plus mobo i7 6700k 32GB ram (Gskill ripjaws V) gigabyte i7 970 gtx mini game is installed on a western digital black caviar 1TB drive (non-ssd)
  2. just a thought about assaulting a UFO with heavy weapons deployed within it - why not flashbang/ stun gas anyone inside? That would be the reasonable thing to do tactically. and adding more grenade types should really be a simple issue in terms of development. I remember that their even was the EMP grenade in X1 so is that really that big of a difference ?
  3. a prone mode would be brilliant for this game, one of my favorite features from apocalypse and can be used in so many interesting situations if the missions and maps encourage you to properly make use of it .
  4. +1 for Acalanthis's idea!
  5. just had a go with the new version and wow, what an improvement (then it can it could also be related to the fact that i used my desktop and not my laptop to play it this time around). First of all I absolutely loved the new animations and graphics of the engine, the game played seamlessly on my 970 gtx. The icons for the select target/shoot were somewhat confusing for me as they interchanged a lot between one another and i was not sure which was the right one for actually shooting... So far the ayyys busted my ass 2/2 rounds which is fairly surprising considering that this is just a pre-pre-alpha AI. Also regarding the scrolling thing - i was sure it was only cause i was playing in windowed mode but apparently this is relevant so full screen as well so definitely that is something that needs fixing. And another thing - considering how gorgeous the 3d engine is working out in game (actually had a nice view of the grass blowing in the wind on the desert mission) this game definitely needs a decent zoom in / zoom out function. Awesome stuff can't wait for the next builds, bring on the tin men !
  6. doesn't mean they can't restart in a hi-sci-fi setting ? plus i can still think of several weapons used nowadays that still require 2 people and more to activate (several anti-tank missles like TOW for instance or .50 cal MG ? mortar bombs (We REALLY need those in X2)?
  7. in general agree with SQW here - a minor feature that won't add that much to the actual game. I think Long War 2 has something of that sort modded into XCOM 2 and that's where this sort of thing fits - as a mod. Not worth wasting time and effort into the actual game design as is currently described.
  8. intriguing idea and take on Psionics...definitely in favor of this. Another option is that the soldier becomes catatonic under a certain probability for the duration of the battle or terminally if a certain set of circumstances occurs (say it meets a praetor that takes advantage of their psionic condition to drive them mad). That soldier you invested hours and hours of honing into a perfect Magi hunter killer? Gone insane forever by a prateor in late game - "that's Xenonauts for you baby!"
  9. Sheer. rampant, HERESY seriously, no don't do this, their are few things i loved as much as base building, actually i'd go at it from another angle - make base building more interesting/engaging, find a way to make those satellite bases more useful. For instance - more bases, more intel, new missions types that open up which may allow more specialized tasks like abducting alien leaders and then dragging them into interrogation or taking out alien "pawns" or countering alien attempts at taking control of neutral/xenonaut pawns? could seamlessly join the shadow war concept that you mentioned.
  10. i think that this could turn the game overly repetitive and quite dull for a second playthrough since you'd know after the first time exactly what is going to happen. I think that the classic "research unlocks plot" model would work better here, plus it does seem to me like a dangerous leap away from the traditional X-Com mechanics. But maybe that's just me being conservative in my gaming preferences.
  11. in general, sounds like a solid idea, although i do enjoy full out zoo in XCOM 2 .especially with the codex in the mix
  12. a great part of the tension in X-Com was the real time geo...and yes it does sound a lot like Risk which while I do appreciate as a game, is not the kind of experience i'd be interested in X2 or any other X-Com flavored game
  13. i'd make the ops' officer a lady, would be a very colorful splash to the canonical boredom of tactical games' characters lineup plus, why not have a diplomat dealing with the different nations world wide? someone has to be taking the heat directly from the embassadors/country reps...and they put the heat on you. Many interesting characters possible here - someone super grey that no one would ever imagine taking a role in a top secret agency but is an exceptionally passionate spokesperson for Xenonauts or a cunning strategist that blackmails/manipulates/solicits support in anyway necessary
  14. i like this idea very much, makes a lot of sense and adds war-like scale to the game
  15. Psyon drones - how about illusions/phantom clones that they can project in combat (before you actually encounter them on the battle field) ? Then you have a guessing game of which is which . Would be a real fun way to seed confusion in your ranks. Sebs - love the concept, but like you said, you gotta be careful with the prone state or else they would become a huge pain in the butt to deal with Wraiths - what about phase-shifting? walking through walls and such? seems like a good fit for them Reapers - don't see a point in changing anything with those besides what you mentioned yourself Androns - the rotation limit makes little sense to me. Why not have them have an alt mode when they deploy a heavy gun? deploying takes 1-2 turns in which you don't react they can demolish your squad. Alternatively - self destruct, simple effective and works with the robot theme. Just think of the sheer panic when facing a non-stopping bomb marching towards you