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Custom Difficulty

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The difficulty being subdivided into areas such as,

Speed of Invesion Escalation

Efficiency of Research

Cost of Production

Sponsor Nation Demeanor

Soldier Power

Alien Unit Power

Alien Ship Power

Alien Ship Crew Count

or others, all would be tweakable, then there would be a Master Difficulty rating derived from these

you see, some people might prefer easier ground combat but tougher management etc.

or others would like tech advancing slower or faster, would prefer the difficulty arise from

the Alien units being tougher or the invading waves being too often and numerous etc.

How does this sound?

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It sounds like a lot of work for little gain (that could even in worst case scenarios be detremental instead of a gain)

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The current difficulty hasn't yet been finalised, once it is then the devs will need to decide what should be altered for the other difficulty settings.

I believe Aaron had a post a while back asking what people thought would be good things to adjust to make the difficulty settings different enough.

Whatever changes are made those settings will likely be available in an xml file (currently in gameconfig.xml) so the only thing that would really be needed is a custom difficulty button.

The settings can be adjusted manually or if possible they could be set through a game screen but I haven't looked into doing that so I don't know if it is possible to alter outside files easily.

I know hotkeys can be set through the menu but that relies on calling a 'hotkeylist' that may be hard coded in some way.

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