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Center view on active soldier on portrait click or shortcut

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It would be nice if clicking the soldier portrait centered the view on the active soldier (and maybe if there was a shortcut as well). When scrolling around the map, it sometimes takes a while to find the active soldier again (especially if obscured by something).

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If you click one of the soldier buttons above the UI the map is centered on that soldier

But that requires knowing which of those buttons is for the active soldier, which is not immediately visible (at least for me), so it probably doesn't save me much compared to simply finding the soldier. Since clicking the portrait doesn't do anything now, and this functionality exists in other games, I though it'd be next to trivial to add.

jeon: Press the shortcut twice.

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It would be nice if the hotkeys (default 1-0, shift 1-6) would also center on the soldier.

I prefer the current system where a single press selects the soldier, and pressing the hotkey with the unit selected causes the camera to zoom to the relevant unit.

Edit: I missed llunak saying this. Whoops. Sorry. And now I've double posted. Today's off to a good start!

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