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So now that new UI is finally out, do you think it was worth it?


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They've been working on the new UI for a looong time, and frankly i had no problems with an old one and always thought of the "much needed" change as a little bit strange.

Do you think it was a needed change or do you think that it would've been better if the manhours were spent improving other aspects of the game?

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The old ui was quite basic and pretty much what you would expect from a small indie game.

The new one has some inconsistencies and is possibly a little too bright in places but I think it is definitely an improvement.

If nothing else it makes the game look more appealing to a new crop of players than a dark gloomy spread sheet.

It doesn't really matter what we think about the use of man hours as they have already been spent.

Sure they could have been spent elsewhere but never underestimate the importance of aesthetics.

It may not be 100% to your taste but I am willing to bet a lot of that is purely because of being used to the old look.

We have been using the basic ui for so long that it feels like the 'real' one.

I have been playing versions of this game for a few years now but I am certain in another couple of years I won't even remember what the old ui looked like.

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