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New RoleIcons


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I wasnt to happy with the orangish color theme the devs chose for the role icons so I made some myself in a black/yellow style. Maybe someone wants to use em.

The files need to go into the \Xenonauts\assets\uitextures\roles folder

Here's the link to my google drive for download



(The Attachment looks a little pixeled (the files aren't) and the yellow color looks brighter then it actually is in the files)



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Thanks for the feedback.

I'd love to but i cant get a screenshot of xenonauts I always get a screenshot of the desktop behind it.

I can easily distinguish them but that might be because I made them. I will make a 2nd version where the distinguishing features are a little bigger.

edit: Btw If someone uses my icons or wants to use them and just is unsure if they are readable enough on combat screen how would you feel about color coding the roles? (f.e. Red for rocket, mb green red for medic, etc.)

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