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A Hotkey forthe Roof.

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The "roof button" is great, but a roof button hotkey would really help.

This game has wonderful artwork for the roofs of buildings, the upper sections of lamposts, etc. etc. but I almost never see it because I am usually looking at the ground floor. The roof view, while cinematic and showing my soldiers who are flying, is generally not very practical for combat. So a quick way to toggle back and forth would allow some more mileage out of the great visuals.

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You could include the capacity to bind a hotkey without actually having a default hotkey binding.

Personally, I'd like to have everything put onto the keyboard, if possible, the game has too much reliance upon mouse inputs right now. Tile-based games should have at least an option of directional movement keys, for one thing. There's no excuse for not letting players use the Enter button (or some other bindable key) as a "confirm" button to make pop-ups go away, especially if there's some adjustable time bar, like with what we have on the geoscape. Toggling over bases with an F-key would be nice.

Oh, and while we're on the topic, can we have the mouse wheel go up and down elevations? (ESPECIALLY if we're going to be seriously using elevations in the future, when aliens are up there?) We already have a whole keyboard full of unit-select buttons, the ability to click on the unit in question, AND hotkeys for every soldier. We don't need the mousewheel for that, too.

Unless it's some casual game, there's little reason not to have a fully customizable control scheme. Players will always get used to hotkeys and be capable of using them faster than having to mouse over some button.

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