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What's the future of Xenonauts?


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Whatever the next game holds, I hope it does as good a job of combining TBS tactical engagements with a grand strategy map and also base/economic management.

If someone would ever take a PI-style game and add a TBS tactical element plus provincial/city/base management to it, I'd just throw money at it like the world was ending. PI does this really great job of making grand strategy games and.... they just always end up feeling a bit flat and too abstract. I don't need Total War level of graphics for the tactical part, but I do want to do and see more when my armies get into battles than a "battle summary" screen popup and a laughable sprite animation. That's where PI fails: there's minimal visual feedback in general.

This team seems to be more balanced between grand strat, management, and tactics, and I'd love to see another release that combines these things. I can't expect half the grand strategy component of HOI/EU, but that's fine if the compromise is more tactical engagements.

I would, however, like to see more of a focus on that grand strategy element, since in Xenonauts it's definitely been sidelined for the tactical element.

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