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  1. Why can't they tweak the game to make it easier for the aliens to discover your bases. Just increase the number of alien scouts and fighters and let them fly around all the time not just in waves. This way when a wave of landing ships arrives, you'll have to compromise and hunt the bigger ships and then some scouts will get through and possibly discover your base.
  2. You're quite the orator W_M! Thanks for the tips, I'll try to expand faster in my next campaign. @kenmtraveller, so your base wasn't attacked at all or it was attacked but the ship was destroyed by the base defenses? So my question (maybe yours too) is that the missile batteries are a deterrent or an active defense system?
  3. Well it's my first playthrough so I didn't have a strategy, I just did the research and the missions as they appeared. My current situation is not as grim as you might think, I do have a 8 men squad filled with commanders and majors but I like to rotate 2-3 of them with rookies every mission, I also have laser weapons for all my squad and 5 sets of Wolf Armor, it just seems that it all came too late... Not sure what to do differently, I've tried to start a new base to increase production but it bankrupted me so I'll probably have to start a new campaign. Just one more question. Is it worth creating a new base in the first 6 months? I've figured out that I'll get more missions that way but setting up an efficient base will cost ~2 mil so it will pay for itself in about 15 missions. I also like the idea I've read in another topic, to make specialized bases for production or research and probably just put them right next the you main base to handle the defense of both of them with just one taskforce.
  4. I was better not knowing that there is a unstoppable countdown. It's already January in my game and I'm still using Jackal armor... Also I'm already having trouble bringing enough fire power to clear the bigger alien bases. Rookies just don't have enough strength to carry anything more than Jackal armor, Laser rifle, 2 mags, 2 HE grenades, 1 smoke grenade and a medic kit. My squad is 5 riflemen, 1 sniper, 1 gunner(only 15 shots for the laser MG, wtf?) and 1 grenadier(with 5 spare rockets). For me it's just not enough to eliminate 20+ hostiles, all entrenched. I always have to pick up alien gear and afaik in the next versions the accuracy of alien weapons in human hands will be greatly decreased so I don't know I'll do than. They should be able to carry more, a modern soldier can carry up to 40kgs of gear not including the ballistic vest.
  5. Actually I would like to know how they work. I haven't researched them yet so I'm curious if they are worth it. Is the increased mobility more useful than better armor?
  6. Thanks for the answers but I'm a bit confused because on the Alien Mission Tickers Trashman said: So shooting down alien spacecrafts increases or decreases the invasion progression?
  7. I've got to a point where my forces are too stretched out to fight everything so I need to prioritize which UFOs are worth targeting and which are unimportant. So my questions are: 1) Do single Fighters and Scouts have any purpose except for generating missions for you to train your troops and get alien tech? Is there any point in shooting down & clearing the crash site for these type of UFOs more than once? 2) Medium UFOs(Landing crafts?) - those ships that keep landing multiple times... Do they actually do any harm if I leave them alone? 3) Can any medium UFO on the map attack my base if it gets too close or there are specific UFOs generated that will attack my base? 4) Are there any repercussions if I don't clear I crash site? 5) Do higher tier UFOs appear faster if I destroy many UFOs? 6) Does it matter if I clear the skies in my AO? Will I get a small breathing period or UFOs are being generated every X seconds regardless of what I do? Same goes for Alien bases, any reason for me to hurry up and attack the base as soon as it pops up? 7) Can I only send 3 airplanes max. in one mission?
  8. Great news Aaron! I like those kind of missions a lot but like the OP said, it feels like the Chinook crash landed not looked for a safe insertion zone. I'd also like to make a small suggestion for the new maps. Would it be possible for the maps to have some destruction marks? Like burning vehicles, holes in the walls, dead bodies on the streets. Of course it's not something necessarily but it would be good if these maps would give a feel of havoc.
  9. Since you managed to capture an alien with flashbangs I have a question for you. How do they work? Do you only need to throw a lot of them at the enemy to incapacitate him or you'll have to use that electric stick also? Basically is there any difference between the flashbang and the stun grenade/rocket?
  10. I think it's PI= Paradox Interactive, HOI= Hearts of Iron, EU= Europa Universalis.
  11. Nice idea but I'll try to complete the game at least once before messing with it. My previous post was before I played a terror mission and at that time I though the local forces are only farmers and rent-a-cop(s). The allied soldiers look like your tier 1 troops (same sprites) so maybe someone could add other allied troops that use MGs and RPGs. Or maybe they are ingame already and I should keep my mouth shut for being ignorant.
  12. Being a newbie myself, I can attest that the 3 fellow members above me speak the truth! ) I've watched about 3 hours of let's play before I bought the game and I tell you that watching of few videos of people that know how to play the game will spare you a lot of frustration resulted from rookie mistakes. -getting close to the aliens is a very BAD IDEA - Range is your main advantage early on. The Star Trek crew and the lizards are crap at shooting distant targets. Your standard weapons on the other hand are quite precise at long range. -Do not approach unless necessary. - but sometimes a sneaky alien will hide in a barn or a house and will not come out. If you charge head-on, his reaction fire will be deadly at close range. What you can do is suppress him before going in for the kill, you don't actually have to hit him, it's enough for your bullets to land close to him so just shoot around him. Also use grenades, but they won't kill him unless you land one at his feet. -Stay behind cover, advance one square at a time - cover is important but bear in mind that if you can aim at him from behind cover, then so can he. Also make sure you position your soldier properly so the square with the cover will be directly on the line from you to the enemy, otherwise it means that you are staying at the side of cover. -expect to lose guys - oh yeah, in other turn-based games that would be devastating. Here not so much, in my first terror mission I've lost 3 soldiers, 2 of them were decorated majors killed in just one turn. But the mission was a success. -some other points: don't spread your troops too thin around the map, always have at least two soldiers close to help each other; burst fire is great for suppression; use smoke grenades before disembarking if aliens are close by. -great tips regarding vehicles. I've never even thought about using one before thinking they are just one large target for the enemy. But it seems that they're quite useful.
  13. I really hope in the next Xenonauts regional defense forces will show their face on the field. Xenonauts looks to me more like SOCOM than Earth's Army. Those armies don't have to play a major role but they would give a helping hand. For example they could shoot down a UFO every now and then, or clear a crash site for you, or engage enemy land forces and an icon will appear on the map and you can join the fight => awesome battles with dozens of allied soldiers dropping like flies so your guys look good. The Xenonauts would still be the only ones with fancy high tech gear. Also maybe the next game could feature region control, so for example the aliens establish a FOB. If you don't attack it quickly (here you can request the help of local armed forces as cannon fodder), the base will expand and you'll lose control of that region. From that region the aliens would expand to the next region and so on. Also the allied armies could have military bases that can be attacked and destroyed by the enemy and so stopping any allied activity in the region. Anyway enough rambling as I have a genuine question. Do I have to wait to alien ship to land for me to get intact alien equipment? If I let those ships fly around my airspace in hope that it will land, won't this affect my relations with the continents?
  14. The first time the game loaded a map I looked at the Chinook image for 2 minutes before I clicked the LMB as I thought the game was still loading the map. A simple message on that screen would help first time players from getting angry at the "really long" loading time.
  15. I'll also stand in line for a chance to shoot some alien scum. The class doesn't matter but please make me a man. I'll provide gender proof if requested. Hairy armpits and such..
  16. At first I thought you posted in the wrong topic. ) Wow, it really is something when the lead developer admits they've used the wrong engine for a game. Call me old fashioned (me being 22 y/o btw ) ) but even today I find these 2D visuals with fixed camera like in the 90's RPG games more realistic and easy on the eye than many of todays graphics seen in strategy games. I think it's the colors. I find X-com:EU to look a lot more cartoonish then Xenonauts and believe me it really annoys me when games with a mature theme goes with a that kind of visuals.
  17. Reading through the modding section I've noticed that the general attitude is that it is very hard to create new content for the game. I'm curious why is that because to my untrained eye Xenonauts gives the same visual effect as most of the RPGs done in the late 90' and early 2000 and many of those games released a sequel each year. Of course it could have been just as hard then also but those studios had a bigger workforce. I wish the team good fortune as they seem like really passionate people but at the same time it would be a shame if the game doesn't continue to expand after the official release.
  18. It's funny because I've probably read that same post just before creating this topic. But I would like the hear from someone informed, not just assumptions. Also, I'm not really looking for anything unseen before in the game. Things like an underwater expansion (like X-COM: Terror from the Deep), or in space +/- planets taking the fight to them (a mother ship orbiting the Earth, alien HQ on the Moon etc), or how about adding a new faction based in Asia or Middle East, surely once the invasion began, other countries would form task forces with a similar scope to Xenonauts but taking a different approach.
  19. I've been reading this forum and the one on Steam for a week or so trying to decide whether to buy the game or not. I'm not a fan of X-com but I like tactical squad based games. The game being close to completion I'm interested to hear if Goldhawk Interactive will continue to work on this game in the form of DLCs or they are going to start a whole new project? I know the game is quite complete even now but I would always welcome new content (and pay for it, the devs have to eat too).
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