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Heavy Plasma


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What I can't figure out is how I was being shot from beyond visual range. I don't think there were any aliens within visual range using the squad sight trick...

I shoved an Alenium rocket into his face, which worked admirably. I'm loving having a rocket launcher with me. It's great for eliminating cover. These days, I have all my other guys carry and extra rocket and drop them at his feet when they exit the helo.

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Glad you like them :) I you think they are dangerous at range you should try getting close to one.

Also Ishantil: I do appreciate the feedback you give, but you could probably have posted this in the thread you started about Plasma Shotguns yesterday, rather than starting a new one. Currently 7 of the 20 threads in this forum have been started by you, and most are very short posts which would probably be better off in the GC balance thread.

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