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Rework the UI, some point need URGENT attention.

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Here are some points that doesn t make sense at all in the UI and should be reworked.

We dont see the status of our air force when on the world map.

Cut a lateral of the map and let us see our air force, map doesn t need to be that big for what it is.

Fighter status should be clear.

RED: Grounded

Yellow: Damaged but flyable, with at least one weapon system working /refuelling under 75%/

Green: Undamaged / rearmed / Fuel superior to 75%.

NOT UI but: Rearming and refuelling should be done in parallel. A doesnt interfere on B and vice versa.

Refuelling too long / Rearming too long. Rearming 2 missiles and gun shouldn t take more than 30mn, refuelling shouldn t take more than an hour, and i m being VERY generous.

UI: Managing assets into the transport screen should be on the arming soldier screen bot on a place 3 clicks away.

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