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Kabill's Air Combat Balance Mod


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Perhaps I'm doing something wrong. I can't seem to get the names of the vehicles or ordinances to display correctly, they just show XXXX-1 or something similar. This is on a fresh steam instal with the latest v19 experimental build, with no other mods. If someone could tell me if they know what I'm doing wrong I'd appreciate it. It's my first time modding Xenonauts, so there's a good chance I messed it up.

Is that with this mod? If so, it's probably because it was made before v19 Stable was out and the files might not be compatible (I never checked, as there was no need because...). In any case, there's no reason to run this mod, since almost all of its changes were adopted into the vanilla game. I should probably pull the files down, to avoid any confusion!

If you're refering to something else, though, not sure.

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