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Praises and littles demands.

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Well i have to say that this version 7 is quantum leap for the game. At least for those who only play insane.

Flares works in a smart way now,

The shooting accuracy seem to mean something that works,

The Alien AI is awesome;

Shield and Armor, at least looks to be working right,

Smoke (but it could be that it worked before like that) now work fine almost perfect.

Loved the fact that the people die, the worst the new recruits are.

The hidden movement is working properly again this was extremely irritating (to me)

Best patch for the players senci i ve following the game.


While trying to aim trought smoke gain a 90% or 100% penalty, not that the smoke will stop the bullet, but you are merely spraying and praying. It would still hit something the same way when you aim on the ground behing the alien bullet can still hit the alien.

Aliens Ai:

I hope some day they will be able to get in and get out of the ufo.

I hope some day they will be able to regroup

But i ve seen aliens do stuff very awesome. Seek cover, flee and come back shooting,

I hope they ll have nades soon.

World map interface.

A place with the state of our planes GTG (green) and Grounded(red) with hours lacking to be GTG would be awesome, right now its clumsy.

Id like to see stuffs in the belt taking less timeto use than in the backpack. If its already so, forget this.

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I hope some day they will be able to get in and get out of the ufo.

If by version 7 you mean 19.7, then they are "slowly" starting get in and out of the UFO.

I've only seen the Sebillians do it on normal difficulty. The Ceasan's still don't (at least not that I've seen).

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