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Feasibility of multiple "weapons" on a single gun?

Kat Tsun

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I'm currently in the process of making a few weapons for the game, I was wondering if it was possible to use the fire selection ability to fire different projectiles, such as grenades. The main reason I'm looking at this is because I want to integrate underbarrel launchers or rifle grenades onto my weapons, and I don't want to have to make several similar looking guns for these features. I'd rather have a "burst" and "grenade" selection instead.

Is this possible directly, or is there some sort of workaround that would accomplish what I want?

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This is how I'm going to handle it in on my M16A2 with GL in my Marine Edition Mod.

I'll create a new type of ammunition for the M16, it'll only work with that gun. However it'll really just be a grenade and work in the same manner alleviating you having' to make a new select fire script (pretty sure that's a lot of work and probably hard-coded). When you put the grenade in your inventory It'll then be used just like the other grenades however it'll have a little further range and weigh a little less. I haven't made tons of changes in the xml for this and many other features because I think it's a waste of time until the game is released and all the xml files are complete.

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yeah I was looking at doing the under/over style weapon the the one that was adapted to the m16 however I decided that it was more work than it was worth since the problem was the having one weapon with two fire modes. I had toyed with the weapon being an offhand add-on the the m16 thus making a different weapon. tried to do it as an alternate ammo type as well but when I played around with that it blended the qualities of the two. and lets face it nothing says wrong more that a rifleman who fires a 3 round burst of grenades from a single shot weapon.

In the end with the other modifications I was already making in terms of weapons selection I deemed the dual fire mode weapon as redundant and not necessary.

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