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Change Hidden Movement Image for Each Terrain and Tech Level

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So, we all have seen the standard hidden movement screen probably dozens, if not hundreds of times. Currently it's broken, so obviously that needs to be fixed, but once it is fixed, we'll again watch the same image flash up and down in ground combat after ground combat. It's a good image, don't get me wrong, but it's so repetitive. There's no variety.

To change this, I suggest that the developers add the coding framework to have multiple hidden movement images, dependent on the terrain type of the ground combat (desert, middle east, farm, arctic, etc) and the highest tech level you have reached (tier 1, tier 2, tier 3, tier 4).

So, lets say your first mission is industrial. You see soldiers holding ballistic weapons in an industrial setting in the hidden movement screen. But the, when you do your next (arctic) mission, they're in a snowfield with fir trees in the background. Once you research laser weapons, all of the images change and the soldiers now carry laser weapons. Same with the later two tiers as well. The hidden movement screens update along with the tech level, just like the base management screens do.

Since this is quite a bit of artwork that needs to be done (how many terrain types there are X 4 tiers) a good portion of that could be left to the community (which is full of awesome artists). Of course, the art would have to be approved by Goldhawk before inclusion.

Does this sound like a worthy suggestion?

I think that this alone would make this game appear much much cleaner than UFO:EU was. It'd really stand out, and be a nice feature that I'm sure people would enjoy and appreciate very much.

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My preference is that the image is pulled form a folder in assets. Goldhawk can leave their default one in there. But other images can be added and will rotate round per mission.

This way, extra art pennies don't have to be spent, and fans can add in what they would prefer.

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That is another solution, yeah. Honestly, I'm just asking for the devs to put the code in place, so for each ground combat it can check the terrain type and tech level and pick the appropriate image based on that. I'm not saying they should make it a priority, and shell out lots of money for the artwork. Just ask the community to help with that. ;)

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