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My thoughts after playing a few games

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In no particular order, here's what I think

(1) Tanks should have a bit more HP. One of the good things about them in the X-com games was that they could take a few hits before dying. Right now they die in 2 hits. I think it should be 3-4 hits instead.

(2) Right now the MG tank is vastly more powerful than the rocket tank. I've never had it fail to kill an alien in one hit, and that's after taking it on several missions. It can also take 3 shots per turn, or more realistically 1-2 after moving, whereas the rocket tank frequently doesn't have enough AP.

(3) You should be able to scroll down by putting your mouse anywhere along the bottom edge of the screen. It's annoying to have to move your mouse into the corners before you can do this.

(4) Moving things around into or out of your inventory is too easy I think. X-com punished you for rummaging around in your backpack during a firefight, but this game lets you swap weapons, ammo, etc, quite easily.

(5) Were pistols intended to have autofire?

(6) I would like my guys to be able to move a few more squares per turn with snap fire reserve on. Otherwise battles slow to a crawl, since you can't really advance at all with snap fire reserve on.

(7) If I turn snapfire reserve on for a unit, it should remain on in subsequent turns, I should not have to turn it back on every turn.

(8) If I give a shoot order while snap fire reserve is on, this should override the reserve. I'm okay with the reserve telling me I can't move any farther, but it's clear that if I'm telling my unit to shoot this turn, this takes precedence over shooting next turn.

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1. Maybe...but its not actually a tank. Its an armoured car. Everyone calls it a tank because its faster to type. Valid concern though.

2. Yeah, that's known. The infantry machinegun has to be balanced better too.

3. Also known. Its due to the GUI blocking the cursor from touching the screen edge. The GUI might get moved up a couple pixels to fix this.

4. Eh, maybe. It should charge you for moving between inventory areas, but not at all for moving within an area (like the backpack). The actual combat is harder to compensate, and more AP expensive too. There was an idea to only charge AP after you leave the inventory screen, and only get charged for the actual movement, not the re-arranging. Mainly because its annoying.

5. No idea! Maybe? Chris made a comment towards that effect.

6. Shot cost might be revised down. Or to incentivise situational use of reserve states rather than keep them on all the time. I dunno.

7. Yep, known concern, should be fixed soon.

8. I think this has been brought up a few times in various ways (the whole reserve thing has been subject to much discussion). Having it your way might also annoy people, due to misclicks. To my understanding, having the reserve state being draconian is good, since its like a 'are you sure?' check, due to having to turn it off.

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(2) I think worrying about balance now while the game is in alpha may be a bad idea. We just haven't seen everything that is being planned yet. If you can kill an alien in one hit now just wait, other aliens will be more difficult later. In general, any balance issues should probably wait for a more full featured beta.

(3) I totally agree. When I screen scroll I go to the middle of the edges without thinking about it. This, as you say, does not work for the bottom and is annoying. I believe it is because the UI is in the way. Moving the UI up a few pixels or so should allow the pointer to hit bottom.

Everything you said about reserves sounds good to me too.

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I agree that snap fire reserve cost could stand to be a bit lower; as it is, it's quite hard to effect any kind of advance at all with snap fire reserve on.

Armored car HP could stand to be a bit higher as well, as it is the car is almost dead in one shot from a Caesan and that seems a bit fragile.

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