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A couple of very minor UI tweaks

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Can you make it possible to do the initial unpause of the intercept screen with a mouse click? Right now, this is the ONLY thing preventing me from playing the game full screen on a tablet with either a stylus or mouse.

I am absolutely NOT asking for a dumbed down console/touch interface -- just this one small change. I appreciate that this is fundamentally a keyboard and mouse game (and thank you for that!). I am not asking you to fundamentally alter the design to make mouse-only play easy; I just want it to be possible.

Other minor tweaks that would also be 'nice to have' (but that I could at least play without):

1) A mouse clickable main menu button from Geoscape

2) Mouse clickable controls in intercept for later pauses and left/right banks

3) Some other land battle scrolling option -- perhaps a left or right click and drag, or a (perhaps optional?) UI panel with left/right/up/down scroll and zoom arrows. This is the most complex, but would make this game completely usable for the (probably tiny) portion of users that want to play with a stylus.

The keyboard is very close to being strictly optional already -- it would be really nice in a number of situations to be able to dispense with it completely.

I most frequently play either sitting on the couch, or in transit of some kind with the tablet in one hand and mouse or stylus in the other. Right now, I have to pull out the keyboard just to hit 'space' every time the intercept screen comes up (and to exit the game -- but this is very minor annoyance).

I fly a lot for work, and I really want this to be my "make the airplane ride go away" game. Coach seats are tiny, though. Please help! :-)

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