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Possible solution to lack of crouched/prone movement...

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I'm assuming that the main reason that crouched/prone movement hasn't been added is due to the process of creating the sprites is a hassle, so I'm wondering if there's an alternate solution that wouldn't require additional sprites.

For example, what about the option of moving crouched via a button/key press... but VISUALLY you walk the same. All that is difference is the number crunching under the hood... You can move less far, but you benefit by being a harder target and/or being more stealthy... (assuming that stealth is even factored in with the Xeno engine), or whatever you feel is relevant here.

On the other end of the spectrum... maybe also allow a sprint, which gives you more distance, but has some negative effects (can't shoot that turn, get tired (which affects aim))... I'm not sure, and leave it up to you guys to decide on what is best... but I'd love to see some more depth/options to the movement (more strategies and decisions about HOW to do things).

Again, I totally get the effort involved with the sprites, so that's why I'm trying to ignite some ideas on how things can be added without the necessity of new/additional graphics.

Granted, the number crunching is still a bit of effort too! But, again, this is just a suggestion... either for final, or for a modded addition or whatever. Just trying to suggest things that may further improve the game while I can. :D

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Sounds less like crouch/sprint modes and more like cautious/normal/reckless movement.

In cautious mode you are more resistant to reaction fire but AP cost per tile is increased, in reckless mode you are more prone to reaction but AP cost per tile is reduced.

Could throw an accuracy penalty in to reckless to prevent it being used to move rapidly into a good position then fire accurately on the enemy.

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Ya, either way, that's pretty much what I'm talking about. Just something to add a bit more strategy/decisions to the movement (without requiring the devs to build a whole extra library of sprites).

I'm assuming that Xenonauts currently doesn't have an endurance level, which (when low due to lots of running) reduces accuracy, right? That could be factored in as well (as the result of 'reckless/sprint' movement.

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Nope no endurance stat.

There is the heavy flag on weapons though.

That shows movement can be a trigger for accuracy reduction.

If different movement modes were implemented then attaching a similar flag shouldn't be too hard.

The only down side is making it obvious what is happening so you don't get an army of people asking why they suddenly can only move half their normal distance.

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