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How to map and submap in Xenonauts

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Lol, amazing! Never thought of that, actually. :)

Nor did I, until I posted that message before. And given the amount of time I spent working on UFOs when this would have been really useful, I'm slightly sad about that fact. Might be useful if/when I redo Enhanced Crash Sites and Fire in the Hole though.

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I´ve been wondering what those green and turqois sqaures mean and i figured out they were hull points:


In stinkies post you can see the buttons still being there:


but they have since been replaced with this:


As this picture tells there seems to be some sort if code required to place those inner/outer/interior wall squares again. As i dont have the time to try out 10^9 possbilities i would like to ask if anybody knows how to properly implement hull square points again ?


Also how do you efficiently test maps when the quickbattle.bat is broken ?

The Paint Ground tool is missing the ufo ones, i would ask if there is a way to unlock those ?

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