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Descriptions for buildings

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Is there a source of specific information within the game that details exactly what each base building does?

For example I've had a few questions pop in my mind while playing:

-Something that tells how much storage space is provided by the storeroom

-Something Describes what the missile battery actually does so that the player can determine if they need/want more than one in their base. Is it for interior defense, or exterior defense

-Describing which buildings allow access into the base (IE hanger/garage; both, one or the other)

-What a medical center actually does (increase recovery times i would imagine)

To solve this, i think either a new xenopedia section should be created specifically for buildings, or to incorporate tool tips when the mouse is hovering over the structures.

Just a thought to address some of my confusions, otherwise I have been thoroughly enjoying the game throughout its development.

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Tooptips will be a final thing, so much has changed that Chris would end up re-writing them every week. The way that the base works has also changed quite a lot.

I believe storage is unlimited once you have one. While defenses are used to prevent your base being invaded. Like radar, more than one improves success rate, but your better off building better versions.

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Yeah, I can see not having tooltips until a final/near final release. On the flip-side though, a general description of what each building does would be nice. Just, like, entries in the Xenopedia or something. One thing I do hope though, when they add tooltips, is that you'll get info about what that specific structure is doing, and not just info about the type in general. Like "Lab 2 >> 3 active scientists >> Researching: Alien Invasion >> 40% complete, 36 hours remaining"

Also this is way too nit-picky to warrant it's own thread or anything, but I think it'd be great if you could click on a structure to go straight to the tab for what that structure does (Clicking in an occupied hangar takes you straight to the screen for that plane, etc...)

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