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Little Mod V2


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As promised, the new mod is ready. Still playtesting it, and there was some wierd stuff in the files. Various changes Chris had made.

Anyways, the mod is mostly the same (maybe some minor changes to weapons I've already forgetton about) as last time with the following changes:

Machinegun ammo slightly increased (didn't realise it fired 6 rounds per burst).

Flashbangs suppress more (MG's are still king).

Laser weapon burst fire is more accurate.

Plasma missiles should actually kill a Heavy Fighter in 2 hits now.

Stun rockets and grenades stun more.

Smoke grenade smoke lasts longer.

Light Scout > Corvettes should have more random alien numbers (if this actually works, Light scouts should have up to 9 aliens). Yes, this can seem pretty stupid at times, but should still be fun. Get more cash too.

C4 should blow through walls better.

MAGCarbine suppression radius fixed.

Wolf now requires Jackal research.

Laser Weaponry research now requires Alenium and Alloys as well as Alien Plasma Tech.

Link here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ww9qmxaobyxjjqs/Sathra%27s%20Mod%20V2.1.zip

EDIT: Quick update, fixed Light Drone autopsies. They should actually show the Xenopedia entry now, instead of unlocking the corpse to be manufactured (for some reason).

EDIT2: Some strings.xml fixes and some research fixes. And rockets should properly destroy equipment (and frag grenades don't). Corvettes unlock Alien Electronics.

Edited by Sathra
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One thing I've noticed is that you end up with stupendous amounts of cash. I was able to start a new base and mostly fill it by the end of the second month without taking cash away from construction. I think this might be due to the increased alien numbers (7 average from a Light Scout, and around 16 in a Corvette).

With the increased alloy income (21 from light scouts, and 13+ from Scouts) the major bottleneck isn't resources, its workshop time.

Not quite sure if I should fix this really, so leaving it up to other players!

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