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Separate Transfer from Sell

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Now orders to sell items and to send to another base are called in one screen and with one button.

It can cause user to sell items by mistake.

He clicked needed quantity with arrows, selected base to send, pressed "Sell/Transfer" button - and all his precious MagRifles disappeared in thin air, leaving him with a ridiculous sum of money instead.

Yes, it is his own mistake - he clicked wrong arrows.

But it was so easy to miss.

I propose:

1) Separate sell mode and transfer mode. When sell mode is active, no destination base is on screen.

2) When sell clicked, opens popup:

Following items will be
(...items...) for (...sum..)

When transfer clicked, opens popup:

Following items will be transferred to
ETA (...hours...)
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Yes! Exactly! :)

Developers, where did you find so good mind-reader and how much do you pay him?

I will wait till release and then ask my boss to lure him away.

And no more troubles whith stupid users inability to explain what they really want from us programers!


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