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Milestone 3.8.0 STABLE Released!

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We've now released our Milestone 3.8.0 patch onto our standard Steam / GOG / Epic branches, which fixes several more stability and gameplay issues.

Although our primary focus is working on the next major update (Milestone 4) we will continue to fix and patch Milestone 3, so please do report any bugs or issues you encounter.

Gameplay Changes:

  • Selling an aircraft now returns any equipped items on that aircraft to the base stores, rather than just deleting them.
  • Secton eyes now glow when Psionic Triangulation is active.
  • Fixed large amounts of text not appearing correctly in Chinese languages.
  • Fixed a large number of text lines being vertically misaligned in non-English languages.


  • Fixed a situation where players could interrupt alien reaction fire, causing them to gain control of the alien unit that had been trying to attack them.
  • Fixed another way in which the blast doors in the ATLAS base mission could get out of sync, and appear visually open when actually being closed (or vice versa).
  • Fixed planned soldier loadouts (on unassigned soldiers) not reflecting changes to soldier stats that will be caused by equipped items. 
  • Fixed double-clicking on a soldier in the list on the Soldier Equip screen not allowing you to replace them with a different soldier.
  • Fixed the "custom" button on the campaign settings menu remaining selected if you change back to a different difficulty setting.
  • Fixed some display issues users could experience if using multiple monitors while mirroring one of them to different screen.
  • Attempted to fix panning the camera in the air combat being broken if users were using mouse and keyboard while also having a touchscreen or touch peripheral plugged in.
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