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Milestone 3.3.0 STABLE Released!

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We've now released our Milestone 3.3.0 patch onto our standard Steam / GOG / Epic branches, which fixes several stability issues that existed in 3.0.9.

We'll be releasing another small patch containing further bugfixes onto the Experimental branch in the next few days, so please continue to report any bugs you encounter!

Balance Changes & Gameplay Updates:

  • Added the soldier nationality flag to the tactical UI.
  • Actuator module now weighs 5 (rather than 12), and grants +20 Strength (rather than +25 Str). This makes it slightly better at increasing carrying capacity, and helps avoid the situation where soldiers near the 100 Strength cap would get little or no net carrying capacity increase from equipping it.
  • Added an additional five waves of UFOs after the game content ends, so players have more time to experiment with their new equipment if they want (unfortunately this change may only take effect for new campaigns created in patch 3.3.0 onwards).
  • The "ghost" soldiers that are added to your squad on the Soldier Rescue mission will now fill empty slots in your dropship if possible, rather than always going in slots 7-9 (and removing any soldiers already in those slots).
  • The extraction region for the dropships is now a bit more generous - it includes the side doorways etc, rather than only counting the interior of the cargo hold.
  • Stalker Armour tooltip now displays the "cloaking field" effect with hyperlink that explains what it does.


  • Fixed an immediate lockup some players were getting when booting up the game.
  • Fixed doors being opened under the shroud incorrectly being visible again.
  • Fixed an issue where equipment on dead Xenonauts was not being recovered from alien bases (and the Cleaner HQ), even if you won the mission.
  • Fixed the conversation not triggering when you see The General for the first time in the ATLAS Base mission.
  • Fixed players being able to assign wounded soldiers to the dropship via the assignment menu that is generated when double-clicking an empty dropship slot.
  • Fixed players being able to bypass the dropship vehicle limit using the same assignment menu mentioned above.
  • Fixed the green deployment tiles still being present if you loaded a save game from Turn 1 in a mission that has a deployment phase.
  • Fixed the heal animation from the automed unit (and possibly also Sebillian regeneration) being incorrectly offset.
  • Fixed text rows displaying much smaller / larger than intended when clicking and dragging them (e.g. in the engineering queue, or a soldier in the dropship soldier list) unless you were playing on a 1080p screen.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a patrolling dropship is ordered to go to a mission site.
  • Fixed an AI hang that can occur if a unit is blocked by a Xenonaut standing behind a door.
  • Fixed an issue where unassigning a soldier with heavy armour from the dropship could allow you to double-press the Heavy Armour button, and get the soldier into a broken state.
  • Fixed some Cleaner missions sometimes spawning after the Cleaner HQ had been destroyed.
  • Fixed certain sloped roof tiles incorrectly being destroyed.
  • Fixed the Servitor sometimes playing a movement sound that does not end.
  • Fixed the base icon not being removed from the Geoscape if the base is destroyed by aliens.
  • Fixed the data raid objective text being broken in Spanish.
  • Fixed a desert map not containing reinforcement move nodes.
  • Fixed a dockyard map where aliens can spawn inside the UFO hull.
  • Fixed a dockyard map where a ladder had been placed at the incorect height.
  • Fixed some pillars that were blocking movement in Western Town maps.
  • Fixed a minor issue with the Abductor UFO hull hitbox in tactical missions, as it could sometimes block shots that did not appear to be passing anywhere near the UFO.
  • (Hopefully) fixed the bug where ground tiles around the UFO were sometimes revealed from the shroud on night missions, right from the very start of the mission.
  • (Hopefully) fixed an issue where players would be unable to zoom the Geoscape / Air Combat camera using the mousewheel if they also had a touchscreen peripheral plugged in.
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