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Milestone 3.0.7 Released! (Experimental)

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This update is also only accessible by switching to our Experimental branches (instructions on how to do so here) - although note they have slower load times and worse performance than normal builds due to the extra logging they contain!

This is hopefully the final build we'll be putting out before the full release for Milestone 3 next week, so please give it a test and let us know if you experience any major bugs!

Gameplay & Balance Changes:

  • Reduced the number of Cleaners in the Cleaner Base to make it a bit more manageable if you manage to unlock it early.
  • Delayed the first possible alien retaliation mission, as it would frequently spawn in the same wave as the first Destroyer (meaning the player had often just fought a battle when it happened and had a damaged squad).
  • Mentarch can no longer crouch or be suppressed.
  • Reaper Zombies now have 70HP (up from 40HP).
  • Warden Armour now requires 6 Alloys to build (up from 4).
  • Accelerated Weapons now require more Alloys to build, with the most expensive weapons requiring 6 (up from 4).
  • Laser weapons now require more Alloys and Alenium to build, with the most expensive requiring 6 of each (up from 4).
  • Swapped the Alloys and Alenium cost of advanced building upgrades; these generally now require twice as much Alenium as they do Alloys.
  • Increased Alloys gained from Observers, Abductors and Cruiser UFOs by 50%.
  • Training Center building increased in cost from $250k to $350k.
  • Doubled the duration of Corpse Analysis II engineering projects.
  • Added updated translation files for all supported languages except Japanese and Korean.
  • Improved the performance for the Farm cabbage fields, as some players were experiencing FPS drops there.
  • Updated the sort order on several items in the soldier armory and in the base stores so things are grouped more sensibly.
  • Abduction tubes and the various Stealth unit shaders (Wraiths / Stealthsuit) no longer draw under the shroud.
  • Security guards in the dockyards now have little hats so they don't look quite so much like Cleaners.


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when Ctrl+Shift shot previewing towards a higher level.
  • Fixed another way that doors could get stuck in a state where they visually looked open or closed, while actually being in the opposite state in game terms.
  • Fixed the AI being unable to attack in certain situations due to a bug that could occur when sighting a Xenonaut at certain angles.
  • Fixed the visual flicker that occurred when adding / removing projects from the Engineering queue.
  • Fixed the end of the move path being sunk into certain types of slightly raised floor level.
  • Fixed the active base changing after recruiting new soldiers on the Soldier screen.
  • Fixed the items on the Stores screen not sorting in the correct order the first time you access the screen after loading a save.
  • Fixed the "enemy has died from their wounds" toast displaying "Name:" before the enemy name.
  • Fixed a visual issue on the UFO HP display text line in the air combat.
  • Fixed Mantids with rifles holding their guns like they were pistols.
  • Fixed the plasma / fusion projectiles having a misaligned particle effect.
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