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Milestone 3.0.5 Released! (Experimental)

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This update is also only accessible by switching to our Experimental branches (instructions on how to do so here) - although note they have slower load times and worse performance than normal builds due to the extra logging they contain!

This build is not available on GOG - they appear to be having some server issues, and we can't get it uploaded at the moment. Hopefully 3.06 will arrive early next week and we'll be able to upload that as normal!

Gameplay Changes:

  • Added research text for the Gemini Interceptor and Heavy Fusion Weapons research projects, meaning all research projects should now have research text.
  • Slightly updated the Abduction missions so they work as follows:
    • If you don't attempt the mission at all, you get +20 local panic
    • For each of the 10 civilians trapped in the abduction tubes, you get:
      • +2 panic for each civilian remaining in an abduction tube when the timer runs out and the tubes teleport away
      • -2 panic for each civilian freed from an abduction tube that survives the mission
      • +0 panic for a civilian freed from the tube who is killed before the end of the mission 
  • Soldier Equip screen - double clicking an empty slot will bring up the soldier assignment menu directly, so you don't need to select the slot and click the button any more.
  • Soldier Equip screen - clicking a weapon in the soldier inventory will select it in the Armory, allowing you to add more ammo quickly (let us know if this ends up being annoying).
  • Reduced the completion time of the initial research project, so you can now begin work on the new research immediately after winning the ATLAS Base mission.
  • Fusion lance cost reduced to $300k and 25 alloys / alenium (down from $1m and 40 alloys / alenium).
  • Wraith Destroyers now contain 1 less Wraith and 1 less Servitor, as they previously were a bit too difficult.
  • Set the large rock mesas in the Polar and Desert maps to be significantly tougher, and added proper destruction states to the Polar one.


  • Fixed the bug where the screen resolution doesn't change when in borderless fullscreen / exclusive fullscreen mode.
  • Fixed the bug where certain soldier hairs were not displaying correctly on their 3D models, leading to you having a team of bald people.
  • Fixed the occasional post-move delay that would sometimes affect soldiers, briefly blocking further movement / rotation / crouching input.
  • Fixed the soldiers initially not being visible in the dropship if you went to the Arrange Soldiers screen on the pre-launch soldier equipment screen.
  • Fixed not being able to heal unconscious units on the ground.
  • Fixed the Geoscape base icon being smaller in construction mode than it is when actually placed on the Geoscape.
  • Updated the Soldier Equip screen so items in the inventory and in the base armory panel now both have a slight highlight on mouse hover.
  • Pressing Esc when a soldier is moving now correctly interrupts moving, rather than opening the menu.
  • Soldiers no longer show their selection circle when moving.
  • Fixed some buildings not having interiors on one of the Polar ambush maps.
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