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Increased load of Medkit? Why?

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I am not sure why the Medkit load was increased, but this is really problematic. Combined with the nerf stats for soldiers, then one is facing a situation where: is it grenade or medkit; can't have both as it is too heavy. If you pick medkit, then with poor stats where your soldiers miss their shot very often, you can't have a grenade to "soften" the aliens before hand, and you will have far more dead soldiers, replaced by poor stats soldiers. If you pick the grenade, then you loose many more soldiers because you can't heal them, so you have to keep getting new soldiers with poor stats anyway. This is a vicious circle. Please reconsider, and at very least the advanced medkit should be less heavy.  

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My advice is to bring loads and loads of flashbangs. Don't let any alien not be flashbanged.

Personally I like it, but that's probably just me. It forces you to choose. I noticed this too, that a soldier gets wounded, bleeds for 4 x 5 dmg and I was 'smart' enough to have the soldiers with medpacks to far away ... but that's part of the learning curve. I like those choices. If everyone has a medpack, then what's the point of medpacks anymore, right?

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