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Ammo weight adding up to inventory after reloading of weapon


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Hi devs, I already posted this topic to general discussion, but it fits this category better.


Noted this by mistake during a tactical mission - not sure if this is a bug, but if a weapon has certain weight including the ammo when you equip it before mission, then unloading the weapon during tactical mission ADDS the weight of the ammo to the inventory! It should not, as the clip/ammo is already carried one would say... but it does! And it actually applies to all weapons...


While in inventory, the HEVY has a weight of 40


during tactical mission it has the same weight loaded - so the weight probably includes the ammo (even if some rounds are already fired)....


BUT, as soon as the ammo is unloaded, the ammo weight is ADDED to the overal carried weight of the soldier, resulting in TU penalty, which is totally impossible. Moreover the whole weight of the ammo (16) is added to the inventory, even if half is already "gone."


It seems to me as a mistake, the initial clip is likely not included in the calculation of the total weapon weight, therefore if unloaded, its weight is added to the inventory...

I would like to suggest therefore, that the weight of the weapons is reduced for the weight of the ammo (empty rifle weight of 16, clip weight of 4, weight of loaded rifle = 20). HEVY weight of 24, loaded weight of 40 (or 32 if loaded with smoke grenades) and/or calculated by each item.

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