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[V1.29 + V1.30B - Armory] Amount of Weapons and Armour not shown correctly


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I experienced this several times.

6 "Spartans" in each base for base defense - I have 6 Exosuits and 6 Gauss Rifles at every other base than my HQ.

Every Soldier is equipped like shown in the picture but the amount of Rifles and Exosuits is all over the place, sometimes it shows 5 then 4 although everything is equipped so it should be zero


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I had a similar problem with Warden armor, I had too few, did produce new ones an suddenly after one produced I have enough again.
Chris answered me with an explanation which might be the same reason for you:

On 8/18/2023 at 12:52 PM, Chris said:

I imagine the issue is that soldiers only "claim" their equipped items when they are put in the dropship, which is why you can equip all the unassigned soldiers with whatever items you like. If you put them in the dropship then the correct numbers will be used.

See here.

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