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[XCE 0.35.1] Changing Soldier Roles Causes Crash to Desktop


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This is an intermittent problem. I can replicate the issue by changing soldier roles, but it is random when it happens, and there is no definitive "if this, then that" procedure I can provide. However, changing soldier roles will sometimes result in a CTD. Basically, what happens is, if I select soldier roles in order to change a soldier's role, but then do not choose a role, sometimes, when selecting another soldier, the first soldiers role window will not close. I can choose the second soldiers role without issue, however when I return to that first soldiers role window and try to select their role, the game will CTD. This occurs 100% of the time when that second window / overlay pops.

I am playing the GOG version base game with CE installed over it, as per the instructions in the CE section. The only change I made is in the assests/mods/XCE folder to the gameconfig.xml file. I changed the 0 to a 1 on line 234, in order to retake lost continents by eliminating all alien bases. I play on Windows 10, 4k resolution, borderless windowed. As stated above, I can replicate the crash consistently, but there is no step by step procedure that results in the crash. It's merely trial and error (changing soldier roles enough will result in the crash).

I play in Ironman so obviously my saves are all after the fact, so I won't waste your time by providing them here. I am not looking for an answer, per se, since I have provided so little information. What I would like is either confirmation this is a known issue without a fix, or steps I can take / information I can provide, to help identify the problem, and perhaps fix it.

Thank you!

* I will also add, I did nothing with the load order. Installing CE as per the instructions said to accept load order changes if asked. But, the launcher never asked to make changes, so I assume the load order is correct. Google shows some users saying they made changes, and others stating they did not, so I left it alone haha.

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